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adele so like you

  • Like - Nelly Furtado
    "It's easier to tell you that I wouldn't be, anywhere than in your arms. Anywhere in the world than at this time and at this moment. But if you weren't so good at giving me away. Sooner you'd be out that"
  • How Do You Like Me So Far - Clique Girlz
    "1. First impression you must have thought 'typical and sweet', Glasses on, hair pulled back very misleading, I'm not the girl, you thought I was, You got no place to hide, No place to run. How do you"
  • So, So, So Long - Reba McEntire
    "(Lisa Palas/S. Alan Taylor) Yeah-yeah-yeah Mmm-mmm-mmm You know it seems like I've loved you forever Who could be closer than you and I People even say we're so much alike But they don't know why I've"
  • (So I'll Sit Here) Waiting - The Like
    "So I'll sit here waiting While the worlds will pass me You can't have me Walk by me I can't say a word I'm helpless Can't help me You can't stop me now Cuz I wanna be bad for you You just lead"
  • So, So Sad - Dolour
    "Looks like you don't know me too well You're just as insecure I need more time to make sense Of something I've lost A children's tune Lately I've been praying god's will is as good as mine But what can"
  • So So Dumb - TLC
    "TLC LYRICS "So So Dumb" Uh Oh yeah Alright (alright) Alright alright Dumb dumb dumb So so dumb so dumb Dumb dumb dumb So so dumb so dumb Everytime I see ya Simple bitch please Come here and talk to"
  • So You Say - the bird and the bee
    "If I ask you to follow me around Button up your mouth I want to be clear with you If I ask you to Drive me here to there You'll do everything but what I need from you You say you will not love me You"
  • So So Serious - Northstar
    "(feat. Tmf) (Chorus: Christ Bearer) So So Serious about the game So So Serious about the damn thing Take a little fame then legend of the fame So So Serious about the damn thing (Hook 1: Christ Bearer"
  • So Into You - Ashanti
    "With every passing moment Thoughts of you run through my head Every time that I'm near you I realize that you're heaven sent, baby 1 - I think you're truly something special Just what my dreams are really"
  • So Into You - Wildhearts
    "I like your big decisions But I love the way you change your mind I like your strength of vision But I love the way that love is blind I like that you've got bigger balls Than almost all of the special"

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