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  • Loveless Age - Great White
    "(Jack Russell, Michael Lardie, Jack Blades) When I was younger, trusted fate to pave the way Love was so easy, just a game that children play No time-out for changes, all my days are darkened dreams Now"
  • Old Age - Hole
    "And I will await your highness I'm so high I cannot walk And I will await You cripple You take away my pride My peace, my empathy No babies sleep on atrophy Your unborn love and fetal stress Hard bitter"
  • Atom Age - XTC
    "I'm heading into the atom age My contemporary house is all the rage My wife's getting lazy going gadget crazy Wants a pallette shaped coffee table and a matching settee I'm heading into the atom age My"
  • Awkward Age - Less Than Jake
    "Late at night I can see so clearly They see right through me And I know that ten years before I was the kid at the corner store and I still know And at that age things are so confusing And no matter what"
  • New Age - Subhumans
    "So you're living in fast world See the people you've already killed See what you've done with that machine of yours You can't justify it, you ain't got a cause It's only cos we're living in a new age You"
  • Teen age - Sads
    "hazureta kaidan wa hisoka ni mabushikutekodoku no pare-do ga hajimaru ki ga shiterukabe ni hatta posuta- shiraketa tsura shiterukemuri wa oku fukaku deguchi wa miataranaikawaii petto ni wa shibaraku attenaitorimidashita"
  • Awkward Age - Joe Jackson
    "I should have know that you were only just fifteen You had a scowl like a Klingon beauty queen Old enough to stand out but to young to stand with pride So uncomfortable in your messed-up skin And the cool"
  • Ice Age - Hawksley Workman
    "Ice age Don't cry baby 'Cause we'll ride it where it goes And we'll dress up for the cold There's gonna be nice days In the ice age And I learned when I was in school It only moves an inch or two Every"
  • Atomic-Age - Balzac
    "Boku ha iu (I say) (Anata ha ittai nani ga hoshii noka?) (What on Earth is it you wanted?) Ima nani ga hoshii no daroka? (What is it you wanted now?) " A " ga ugokidashi (? starts to move) " T " ga kuzure"
  • Years Ago - Alice Cooper
    "Here I go again, up and down alone All my friends went home years ago All my toys are broken and So am I inside Mom The carnival has closed years ago I'm a little boy No, I'm a great big man. No, let's"

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