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akon superman

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akon superman
  • Cinerama Superman
    "I think I'm going to just tear you apart Because this time you've been playing havoc with my heart But it's already over, even if I'm the last to know At least there's something on which we're both agreed Oh"
  • All 4 One Superman
    "If there's anything you want my baby I can do it right I could love you like no other man Baby, could we try Girl, I'll sweep you off your feet And fly around the world with me Cause baby I can, baby I"
  • Daniel K Superman
    "(Hallooooo, liebe Zuschauer von Deutschland sucht den Superstar, hier kommt der Superman) Oh I saw you once on a saturday night Oh I was so strong, in the lazer lights But I saw your smile and I saw your"
  • QBIK Superman
    "Tak bardzo cię to boli że chce tym zarobić na chleb Zawsze byłem pomysłowy Wrzucam 6 bieg Tak bardzo cię to boli że chciałbym zgarnąć fejm Walczę sam o lepsze jutro Mów mi Superman Tamte fałszywe mordy"
  • Robin Thicke Superman
    "(Verse 1:) I'm a Superman thanks to Lois Lane Kissed away my problems when I went insane Fished me from the bottom when I lost my name Gave me something I could live for (something I could live for) And"
  • RuPaul Superman
    "Subtle as a river across the desert floor Vying for attention, getting less and wanting more Feelin just like Dorothy, the day she fell from Oz I traveled all this way to find out who I really was, and Right"
  • Stereophonics Superman
    "You don't know what it's been like Meeting someone like you You don't know what it's been like Meeting someone like you You look like Jesus on an aeroplane Ya head's against the window pane You got opinions"
  • Sister Seven Superman
    "I feel you wrap around me Then I wake again to find That the devil's laughing at me Counting every single time That I have said I love you Ever since you went away Then I plead a prayer to Mary 'Cause"
  • The Academy Is Superman
    "I am (I am), I am SupermanAnd I know what's happeningI am (I am), I am SupermanAnd I can do anythingYou don't really love that guy you're making with now do ya?I know you don't love that guy cause I can"
  • Duff Mckagan Superman
    "Fate finds a way, of pickin you up when you're down I remember everthing, and I know for sure Ain't like it was before, I know I can shut that door (chorus) I wanna be your superman Won't you give me you"

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