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  • That's All I Need To Know - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride) I had to look through our old pictures To see the way we used to smile Before we left love in the closet Can we pull out those old feelin's Wipe the hurt away like dust Make"
  • Hurtin' Comes Easy - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson) I've spent a lifetime lookin' for love Just when I find it, it comes undone I've tried so hard to make love happen Like some never endin' pattern I end up on the sad side of the fun (Chorus) Hurtin'"
  • The One Thing - Paul Alan
    "the one thing Brad O'Donnell/Paul Alan drive away the cold from this winter soul and renew your spirit in me let the rain fall sweet from your mercy seat and remind me that you never will forget to wash"
  • A House With No Curtains - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson/Jim McBride) We still wear our rings We still say I love you We both play the part Oh so well But everyone knows It's just a sad show And we're only foolin ourselves It's like living in"
  • It's Time You Learned About Goodbye - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson) Well I've been on the wrong side Of the front door too often Watched you slam it in my face Well I may have learned the hard way I'm not a soft one Tonight I'm standin in your place Cause"
  • Chattahoochee - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson, Jim McBride) Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie We laid rubber on the Georgia asphalt Got a little crazy but we never got caught Chorus Down by"
  • Wanted - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson/Charlie Craig) Excuse me, ma'am, can you help me I need to place an ad with you today No ma'am, tomorrow may be too late I'd like to have it started right away What's that, no this is personal I'm"
  • Let's Get Back To You And Me - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson) I'm always on the road You're always all alone And I'm not always there when I'm at home But I'm ready for a little change I'm ready to accept some blame So let's back up to yesterday Let's"
  • Walkin' The Floor Over Me - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson/Don Sampson) There's a lady living right above me Pretty as a picture on the wall Once I helped her with a bag of groceries We met a time or two out in the hall She told me somebody hurt"
  • She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blues) - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson, Randy Travis) This old bar stool's feelin' higher 'Cause I've started sinkin' lower The minute that she waltzed right through that door Not long ago I held her, like a fool I went and"

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