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alban albanski

  • Hard Pan Di Drums - Dr. Alban
    "Hard hard pan di drums Here is about a wanderer He wanders from place to place With his drums in a the hand No destination Them a beat the drums hard Hard hard pan di drums Cause he knew nowhere"
  • Home Sweet Home - Dr. Alban
    "I have been everywhere There is no place like home sweet home A mi say once upon a time mi live a long from home Far far from home Far far from home Say mi travel everywhere but home is the best"
  • Let The Beat Go On - Dr. Alban
    "Choosing BPM Is a big problem Choosing BPM Is a big problem A lot of people get hurt Just for nothing Due to inability To make their mind Make up your mind Before it gets too late Action speaks just louder"
  • Fire - Dr. Alban
    "Fire in Bosnia, killin all my people Fire in Somalia, killin all my people A shootin in Soweto, killin all my people A rebel in Zimbabwe, victimizing all my people Right now the same riddin different"
  • Because Of You - Dr. Alban
    "Yo Alban, what's up men Yea man me allright Long time no see you know. Yo, I'm allright Are you ready to do this Yeah I'm ready to do it Allright let's do this Ojah ojah ojah ho - Hi hi hi Let's"
  • This Time I'm Free - Dr. Alban
    "Freedom ... free the man I wanna feel so free I wanna feel so free This time I'm free This time I'm free to do what I want This time I'm free This time I'm free to do what I want Free up mother land We"
  • Awilla Willa Willa Hey - Dr. Alban
    "It's me mi are the run master It's me galan galan galan it's me Me are the dentist It's me Galan galan it's me Me come from Nigeria It's me galan galan Mi live a Swe Sweden Galan galan it's me"
  • Free Up Soweto - Dr. Alban
    "Rhythm killer hey rhythm killer Killer rhythm I tell you this one is a killer rhythm When mi come a Soweto say mi hear killer rhythm From Soweto a say mi go a Cape Town From Cape Town a say mi a"
  • Auf Lesbos - Ulrich Roski
    "(spoken prose) ''Reisen in fremde Lnder sind wirklich etwas sehr Schnes. Aber sie bedrfen einer umsichtigen Planung. Bevor man abfhrt sollte man zumindest wissen, wohin man reist, vor allem aber mit wem. Eine"
  • Back In The Day - SkyMarshall Arts
    "Back in the day, when everybody paid to hear Alban, Dj Bobo and Haddaway, rap about their shit. What the hell was it about? It didn't mean squat to them and even less to us. But everybody dug it, we had"

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