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alize odpisz

  • Who - Mr. Vegas
    "Di-di-di-Da-da-da-di Di-di-di-Da-da-da-di Di-di-di-Da-da-da-di Di.Di.Di...Di Di-di-di-Da-da-da-di Di-di-di-Da-da-da-di Di-di-di-Da-da-da-di Di Di. Chorus: Jus tell mi whoooooo.. Mess wid my"
  • Lower 2 My Heart - Olivia (US)
    "I've been waiting, anticipating, don't make me wait, ummm, don't make me wait Tick tock feelin' kinda' hot, no need to knock, knock I left the door unlocked follow the petals to the bubble bath pop the"
  • To mnie zachwyca - PWRD
    "Apartament w Marriot'cie Lub nagie stewardessy w prywatnym samolocie Nie musisz się martwić o nic bo masz krocie? Platyna i diamenty na szyi, nie w gablocie Jeżeli sobie zażyczysz możesz spać na złocie"
  • Imma shine - Mia X
    "Playaz meet me at the club cuz it's goin down Master P got a party and you know we gone clown It started at 10 ends when you leave So I guess that's tomorrow if you party like me I can't see the dancefloor"
  • Drink, smoke and fuck - RZA
    "Aiyo, raise 'em up, hold ya cup Up, let the Alize fill them up Thug passion, love passion, niggaz, who be actin' Grey Goose, cranberry juice Absolut, for those who can't afford the Goose Malibu, coconut"
  • El Captitan - opm
    "Ive been rockin since the 1900s a microphone and two 1200's so back in the day we use to fuck with Alize now we kick it with the liquid from Kingston ja in the morning you be crudo make you eat menudo pissin"
  • Can You Feel It - Shyheim
    "Haaaaaa, and it don't stop and it don't stop Rugged child got the world prop nigga Can you feel it Can you feel it (do I gotta cock my pistol? ) (shyheim) I be notorious like that nigga big smalls Plus"
  • Lalala - Saul Williams
    "Nigga, you betta drink half a gallon of shaolin before you pluck the strings of my violin, my life is orchestrated, like london symphony, concentrated. Niggas waited and waited. i'm birthday wistles, belated."
  • Thug Passion - Tupac
    "Intro: 2Pac Aight, new drink one part Alize one part Cristal Thugs Passion baby y'all know what time it is This drink is Guaranteed to get the pussy wet and the dick hard now if ya with me Pour a glass"
  • Off The Chain - Teena Marie
    "Westside girl is dancing Off the chain, it's sickening Lady Tee is.. (Do you feel me) Mmm Got your dinner waiting on the table I've even chilled the wine Come over, baby Boy, don't be crazy You've been"

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