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banshee kendra

  • Burn in hell - Judas Priest
    "Speak to me Of those days I won't forget Your worst dreams Has just returned - to pay you back I'm still laughing There's not much else I can do But one's thing's certain I'm coming back for you Have you"
  • Proving Ground - Scissorfight
    "Yes we're all gonna fucking die Before you kiss my ass goodbye Riding home the strangest kind Massacre the mountain mind Prove, prove, nothing left to prove Prove, prove, nothing left to lose Banshee"
  • Demonoid Phenomenon (Remix) - Rob Zombie
    "(oh) hell on earth for what its worth dead on dreaming you started screaming the wizard of how the king of now cry like a banshee and die like you want me Violator(hey) Desacrator(hey) Turn around and"
  • Demonoid Phenomenon (Sin Lives Mix) - Rob Zombie
    "Turn around and meet the hater- Turn around and- hey, hey Zombie- Thirteen- Zombie- Thirteen- All hell on earth- For what its worth- Dead or Dreamin'- You started Screamin'- The wizard of how- The king"
  • The Water Turned To Ash - Donny Brook
    "An aged bottle of dream Adjusting to your need I won't drink your water Our tap flows clean Your sore voice Guides me to sleep again Charcoal legends do not sleep So pay the horde a toll to keep If"
  • Welcome Home... - Equinox Ov The Gods
    "There comes a night When you will hear her cry The Banshees song Then you will know is time Time to go To where you have been before Then you will come Welcome home... You know me, Oh yes you know me Every"
  • The Cloak - Heir Apparant
    "The black night is the cloak I wear I'm a nightmare borne on wings A dark image of boundless fear On the street I'm King of Kings A pale specter of shattered hopes I'm a symphony of lies A vague shadow,"
  • Voodoo in my basement - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Voodoo in my basement, youll know that its true All my dirty little people are gonna have some fun with you I could smile like diamonds and be as harmless as a shmoo Ill use the voodoo in my basement if"
  • Flesh For The Twelfth Omnipotent - Intestine Baalism
    "only by destruction my lust will be satisfied established glorious his kingdom will soon go to ruin eternity is a lie by their hateful god time spoils the prosperity decorated by your feces ugly beggar,"
  • New Improved - Popa Wu
    "(Manley Musa) Yo, what? What? Run kid, run! You should break North for thinkin with your's Send out track signed sincerely hardcore Throw you in a choke hold hoe, I smack you with the Mac-one-one My raps"

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