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  • Unmade Bed - Sonic Youth
    "Look who's come back home again Loser lookin' for his lucky break This time he says he just needs a friend Ain't on the run, he ain't on the take Can you unlock this door babe Will you just undo"
  • Empty Bed - The Good Life
    "Out a little late aren't you? What's out there I don't give you? Don't I drink and sleep with you? What you want you'll never get- what you want is infinite. You'll never get your fill of it. So again"
  • Honey Bed - Jimi Hendrix
    "You got me sitting up on the shelf While you're out bewitching someone else. Do I live, do I die Do I laugh, do I cry What game am I supposed to loose this time ? You got chains attached to my head You"
  • Satan's Bed - Pearl Jam
    "it's not all been said...been said and done... i've never slept in satan's bed although i must admit...still visits my place uninvited, as you know, he don't wait funny how he always seems to fit in funny"
  • Hospital Bed - Seabear
    "We spread our blankets over the lake A bee died in my arm, I tried to leave but You held my arms and head in the lake So, I grab on and hold to the spider's neck And ride out of town Because I'm sick"
  • Clockwork Bed - Eldritch
    "I laid bare all my charming lies We played there, tie to another time We were always ready for the next dive But this game is straight on a dead end climb Imagination projecting pictures of the past My"
  • Death Bed - Alkaline Trio
    "Calling all cars or coroners, we got a dead one here And anybody else receiving this, the west coast is far from clear Like a time bomb, a sudden death It's gonna find you when you least expect It's gonna"
  • Breakfast in bed - Spin Doctors
    "Yeah my baby, she's so fine She give my scrambled eggs with a glass of wine She give me breakfast in bed Yeah mama, breakfast in bed She give me juice and tea and a pat on the head Breakfast in bed Now"
  • Bed Of Coals - Warren Zevon
    "(T-Bone Burnett and Warren Zevon) I've been lying in a bed of coals I've been cryng out of control I roll and I tumble Every time I come down I'm too old to die young And too young to die now I've been"
  • Wicked In Bed - Shabba Ranks
    "Bed wuk, world a girl a cry mon, bed wuk, step up, and dont play Girls have mercy I am bad, mad and wicked inna bed Wicked, bad and mad inna bed I am bad, mad and wicked inna bed Wicked, bad and mad"

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