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  • One Believer - Diamond Rio
    "There are some roads you must walk yourself, Just you and your own Faith: nothing else. And on those dark days you're bound to go through, Here's something to hold on to. You got one believer, One whose"
  • True Believer - Lillian Axe
    "Every day about this time I lose my reason and my rhyme, Everything around me's getting clearer. Season's changing quickly, My attitude is strictly here and now The time is getting nearer. But"
  • True Believer - Axe Lillian
    "Everyday about this time I lose my reason and my rhyme Everything around me's getting clearer Seasons changing quickly My attitude is strictly here and now The time is getting nearer But it's all right"
  • True Believer - E-Type
    "I am here and now because of you you're the reason I do what I do like a phantom when you call me I'll be there any time that I'm around you shouldn't fear because of you that's what I do because of you I'm"
  • True Believer - D:a:d
    "-Uhh yeah! I have my hair high and low Anywhere the wind blows I'm doing M.P.H anywhere my soul goes I'm hell riding and gasoline feed That's all I need for the life that I lead I'm a true believer Yes"
  • Midnight Believer - B.B. King
    "You're about to believe in love again I'll take you there and bring you back again The night is short Tomorrows are long Come go with me While the feeling is strong Midnight believer The night believes"
  • Bad Believer - St. Vincent
    "Do you know I just a bad believer? What do you know? What do you know? From the name and .. to be alter I let… with the … … Fail us touch my trembling hands Do you know I just a bad believer? What do"
  • True Believer - Domine
    "I'm feeling tired like I walked for centuries through peace and strife for I'm alone on the logest journey my journey through life My face in the mirror tells me I've been blind 'cause I'm a man on a"
  • Daydream Believer - Anne Murray
    "I could hide beneath the wings of the bluebird as she sleeps The six o'clock alarm would never ring But it rings and we rise, wipe the sleep out of our eyes A shavin' razor's cold and it's sting Cheer"
  • Daydream Believer - Atomic Kitten
    "talking) come on girls wat ya gonna do Oh i could hide 'Neath the wings of the bluebird As she sings Six o'clock alarm would never ring... But it rings and i rise Wipe the sleep out of my eyes My shaving"

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