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big punisher

  • Tres Leches (Triboro Trilogy) - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Prodigy, Inspektah Deck) "Wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned..." --> "Wake you up and as I stare in your..." "I wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stunned" "
  • Fire Water - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Fat Joe, Armageddon, Raekwon) (That's how the east side gets down, word up!) (4:30 in the morning, mira you know what I mean, mira let's get this money sorted and counted, word know what I mean,"
  • You Ain't A Killer - Big Punisher
    "The harsh realities of life is takin tolls Even Jesus Christ forsake my soul Please tell me what price to pay to make it home Take control, I'm makin dough, but not enough to blow J.O.'s, they lust my"
  • Off Wit His Head - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Prospect) I don't give a fuck! Til I die, I'ma live it up Hit em up, nigga what what, nigga what? Better watch yo' ass 'fore I pull the choppers out the stash and helicopter yo' ass, about a"
  • You Was Wrong - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Drag-On, Fat Joe, Remi Martin) What? T-S nigga Y'all don't know? Aiyyo its on, I see how niggas didn't learn You is wrong, thought the fire didn't burn Its on, me and Pun ain't from the Bronx You's"
  • Wishful Thinking - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap, B Real) What would you do if you could do the unbelievable Once you rule the world every girl will want to be with you First I get the money then I get the power "
  • Glamour Life - Big Punisher
    "(feat. Fat Joe, Terror Squad) Glamour life style baby, bottle the rocks Lose the ice, 100 mil kid, money, money, money, mo Platinium status, yeah, what up, what up? Stick around Yo, I plan to"
  • Big - Big Tymers
    "You know Do it big nigga If you don't do nothing do it big, fuck it Ain't like your stupid ass gonna live twice Ball like a dawg, nigga fuck it If you doin it small do it big, know what I'm sayin' Hey"
  • Big Big Big Big Big - Dan Deacon
    "big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big big teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth bite bite bite bite bite bite bite bite bite"
  • Lost In A Portrait (from "The Punisher" Soundtrack) - Trapt
    "I analyse everything I know what you mean I answer by questioning All that I need And I want you to surrender I want you to see All the signs All the faces Inside of me I see I'm not perfect"

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