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bo jovi bed of roses

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bo jovi bed of roses
  • dEUS Roses
    "Rose said quote: "it's time to make a mess" Time won't be soon mine in time I guess She's painting on my back a beautiful flowerpot And she treats me she treats me she treats me like her local god Rose"
  • Cherry Ghost Roses
    "Blind me with distraction Build a frontier cross the void All tomorrow been destroyed, in a breath I moved out to the country And I saw the scenery shake As a summer parade meets its death And Gods assassins"
  • Silverchair Roses
    "Drained as drained can be Life is gone from me Drained if drained is free If only I could breathe Smelling dead roses Take your mind with you There's no room for two I can't handle both Handle both of"
  • Mary J. Blige Roses
    "See today I'm havin' one of Them days were I just don't Wanna be bothered But it seems like You can't understand that Because it's your way Or no way But check this out It's my way today And I'm really,"
  • April Sixth Roses
    "You took the roses, dead and gone, I gave. You took the sun and moon from which we made. You'll be the one to kill me, in the end. All the promises you swore were true. You're full of lies in everything"
  • Caedmon's Call Roses
    "High above the Valley of Quito An old man and his bride grow roses Red and yellow, white and golden And to him they are precious as children Their daughter, she moved to America One more brick in the tower"
  • Belasco Roses
    "It started off with the wrong message we turned our eyes around and left and then i came again with roses in my eyes i'd learnt to lie some more come on make me come on take me some things i hate to hear"
  • Mary J. Blige Roses
    "See today I'm having one of them days where I just don't want to be bothered, but it seems like you can't understand that because it's your way or no way, but check this out And I'm really, really sick"
  • Asrai Roses
    "She puts on her makeup And roses in her hair She smiles to the face in front of her And tries to be sincere Tomorrow seems so far away When the moon shines silver light Shines her silver light That blazes"
  • Outkast Roses
    "Caroline! Caroline! All the guys would say she's mighty fine But mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time And the other half either got you cursed out, or coming up short Yeah, now dig this, even"

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