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bocoran buat pk 888 malam ini 11-08-2019

  • 11:11 - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "Standing on the corner, plastic cup in her hand Standing on the corner, saving for some gin You don't need to ask where she's been or what's up She'll gladly tell you about the life she had Before she"
  • T᳠Na Boa - 08 - Da Weasel
    "Yo yo yo yo yo yo Par'ós meus putos na primeira fila.. Para os meus no café a fumar berlaites Muito mais pipes do que nites tudo em paz, não há fights Só na máquina a bater records, somos lordes em"
  • Cane (4 08) - Litfiba
    "---- < Il prossimo brano e' dedicato a tutti i cani come noi Perche' abbiamo tutti bisogno di ca-ca-carezze! > Cuore bestia cuore cane Lasciatemi nell' angolo da me Non riesco piu' a capire Se voglio"
  • 08 Pinotepa (Piano) - Lila Downs
    "Bonito Pinotepa No soy coplero y te estoy cantando Porque nacio en tu suelo La morenita que estoy amando Me gustan tus mujeres Por eso aunque no sepas Yo te seguire cantando Viva! la costa con Pinotepa Me"
  • Roi (Eurovision 2019) - Bilal Hassani
    "I am me, and I know I will always be Je suis free, oui, j'invente ma vie Ne me demandez pas qui je suis Moi je suis le même depuis tout petit Et malgré les regards, les avis Je pleure, je sors et je ris You"
  • 11:11 Pm - All American Rejects
    "Artist Name: All American Rejects Album Name: Song Name: 11:11 Pm all the windows, swear to miss you, and the doors are cell block tight, sweet sedation, sweep the issues, and the clock's about to strike did"
  • Darkness (11/11) - Van Der Graaf Generator
    "Day dawns dark, it now numbers infinity. Life crawls from the past, watching in wonder I trace its patterns in me. Tomorrow's tomorrow is birth again. Boats burn the bridge in the fens; the time of the"
  • 11:11 PM - The All American Rejects
    "All the windows,Swear to miss you,And the doors are cell block tight,Sweet sedation,Sweep the issues,And the clocks about to strikeDid it call you down,Are you back just yet,Waiting now please come set"
  • System 11 11 - Powerman 5000
    "There's a system to the system - i don't fit in the system. go yeah go but don't expect me to miss you - trying to find a hole in the bottom of the soul-less, thinking about the world from the edge,"
  • 11:11 PM - Nickasaur
    "My feet are on the ground my hands pointed to the sky my eyes focusing on the clock as the time passes by I begin to wonder where you are I know you're out there and we'd make a perfect pair I wish you"

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