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  • Pull Me Up - Mary Komasa
    "Take me up again Share cold All the way Don’t hold back Come on Keep on going and follow Take me up, up, up, up Pull Me Up Take me up, up, up, up Pull Me Up We only a bit of pain I leave you all the"
  • Pull Me Under - Dream Theater
    "Lost in the sky Clouds roll by and I roll with them Arrows fly Seas increase and then fall again This world is spinning around me This world is spinning without me Every day sends future to past Every"
  • Pull My Finger - Dog Eat Dog
    "If I pull my finger on You Would you pull your trigger? Bang clack clack pop pop How many have to drop before it stops Big man with a trigger What makes him bigger by blasting off a cap But how do you"
  • Pull Me Back - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "There's lots of crazy, crazy things This world will offer you And there's no way to fake What you've been through So just hold on to what you know is true Pull me back again I need you to Hold me from"
  • Pull Me Out - Bebo Norman
    "Tell me now, when does this start feeling Like I understand everything I'm dealing with First I was young, now it's all just happening And what about the way I said that Made You turn around and shake"
  • String Pull Job - John Hiatt
    "Bring it in tight and cut to her face Fade up the lights 'till it wipes out the place Put on your pants cause she's put out a trace on you She's found a future it's been localized Brought out"
  • Pull The Wool - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "Dear friend you don't have to lie to me When I ask you what's going on Are you doin' right or ya doing wrong If you do right will there not be a lifting up You misbehave Sin is crouching by your grave"
  • Pull The Plug - Death
    "Memory's all that's left behind As I lay and wait to die Little do they know That I hear their choice of life End it now, it is the only way Too cruel, that is what they say Release me from this lonely"
  • Pull The Pin - Street Dogs
    "Was a man of meek demeanor Now he's over the edge Insincerities and deceit Called off any old pledge Saying one thing, doing another Unacceptable, you're not his brother War drums clanging in his head He's"
  • Pull Me Through - Jim Cuddy
    "There's papers scattered on the lawn, birds up on the line. There's letters left unopened here, that never is the time. There's messages I should return, And people I should call. I'm still tripping"

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