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  • Red Carpet And Rebellion - The Distillers
    "red carpet and rebellion makes ya wonder at these established ones they aint out to get ya cause your a mile .. away i heard a siren, a city warning , they said a new dawn arrives in the morning .."
  • Today Rebellion Tomorrow Freedom - Virus
    "Each day that you live in rebellion, you there by guarantee yourself another day of freedom, another day to live and another day to choose who you're gonna be. The only thing they can't take away from"
  • Todays Rebellion, Tomorrows Freedom - Virus
    "Intro Each day you live in rebellion, there by guarantee Yourself another day of freedom, another to live and Another day to choose who your gonna be the only Thing they can't take away from you is your"
  • Life Style of Rebellion - Against All Authority
    "I'm a rat in a maze i'm headed in the wrong the direction if societies the cure well then i'm the infection when i was younger i tried hard to a find a place within it`s structure but the more that i tried the"
  • My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion - The Flaming Lips
    "They tell us "Autumn's a comin' and soon everything around us will die Only a fool believes that he is different from the birds in the sky All those birds go chasin' some better sunny days You can't hear"
  • Rebellion Of The Damned - Abyssaria
    "After times of desolation Frozen minds will melt Our buried souls are rising The deep fall of heaven Fallen angels are with me Their shadows darken the sky Storms are coming We will enter a new chapter"
  • The Act Of Rebellion - Behemoth
    "fucked by hecate yet I shall not be yours no fantasies nor the promised grace I will chase you down rid me ov slavery strengthen up my mind with a bliss from below call me not, never, bow ye down, honour ride"
  • Chemical Youth (We Are Rebellion) - Queensryche
    "(Michael Wilton, Geoff Tate) LEAD ME- the leftist cry as the right subsides HEAR ME- the media mouth is open wide SAVE ME- success is our hunger we need to feed FREE ME- we will not lose to their anarchy! We"
  • Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching) - Grave Digger
    "Rumours know that rebellion will break out Bonnie Prince Charles is in the highlands to claim his crown no doubt He raised his Standart at Glenfinnen calling to our pride The Jacobites are gathering I'll"
  • 25th Floor / High On Rebellion - Patti Smith
    "We explore the men's room. We don't give a shit. Ladies' lost electricity; take vows inside of it. Desire to dance; Too startled to try. Wrap my legs 'round you, starting to fly. Let's explore up there,"

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