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  • Kaci Butterflies Don't Lie
    "You walk by and my heart beats A thousand times at once it seems And every time you look at me I have to tell myself to breathe With just a smile you capture me And I start to melt Emotions then take over"
  • Kaci Brown Butterflies Don't Lie
    "You walk by and my heart beats a thousand times at once it seems and every time you look at me I have to tell myself to breath with just a smile you capture me and I start to melt Emotions then take"
  • Dusty Springfield Sometimes Like Butterflies
    "(Bruce Roberts / Donna Summer) Well, I told you not to fall in love I ain't the kind you can tie down You went and did it anyway As though I'd done you harm Each time I went reachin' out That's when"
  • Bel Canto Big Belly Butterflies
    "I want to give you love but it takes some guts to have and hold with empathy To coil around you tenderly feels like windows open wide, feels cold, fresh breeze So, then why do tears roll down my cheeks,"
  • K's Choice Butterflies Instead (Live)
    "I lock the door and lock my head And dream of butterflies instead The beauty of their colored wings The trees, the grass and pretty things Imagination fills the void of my existence Daddy says "I love"
  • Swallow The Sun Plague Of Butterflies
    "'' '' Cold was the air that the evening wind brought Silent and so quiet were the woods On the eve of that night. Don't know what I stayed there for so long, So long that I could hear that voice. The"
  • Making April Roses And Butterflies
    "I can see where you are I can tell you're enjoying it so far I would love to escape, but now I'm bound by the of burn of your eyes looking on as I'm starting to realize I'm a pawn in your game and"
  • Magneta Lane Butterflies Are Blue
    "Change Always is so nice Didn't even notice Just as long as I was right Hearts Though they sometimes care Our minds remain the rebels And the dream was never there Save myself again Save myself again Oh"
  • Muse Butterflies And Hurricanes
    "change, everything you are and everything you were your number has been called fights, battles have begun revenge will surely come your hard times are ahead best, you've got to be the best you've got"
  • Alicia Keys You Give Me Butterflies
    "Lately when I look into your eyes You're the only one I need in my life Baby I just don't know how to describe How lovely you make me feel inside You give me butterflies Got me flying so high in the sky I"

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