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byron langley

  • Niech - Ada Gostkowska
    "Życie kochanie trwa tyle co taniec fandango, bolero, be-bop manna, hosanna, różaniec i taniec i jazda i basta i stop. Bal to najdłuższy na jaki nas proszą, nie grają na bis, chociaż żal, zanim wiec serca"
  • Lord Byron's Luggage - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) Lord Byron had a lot of luggage He took it when he traveled far and wide He didn't get to bathe very often But he liked to change his clothes all the time I had a little friend named Mister"
  • My Ride's Here - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon and Paul Muldoon) I was staying at the Marriott With Jesus and John Wayne I was waiting for a chariot They were waiting for a train The sky was full of carrion "I'll take the mazuma" Said"
  • These Words (Dwele Remix) - Natasha Bedingfield
    "These words are my own Threw some chords together, the combination D-E-F Its who I am, its what I do, and I was gonna lay it down for you I tried to focus my attention, but I feel so A-D-D I need some"
  • Foreign Window - Van Morrison
    "I saw you from a foreign window Bearing down the sufferin' road You were carryin' your burden To the palace of the Lord To the palace of the Lord I spied you from a foreign window When the lilacs were"
  • Lifestyles Of The Not So Rich And Famous - Tracy Byrd
    "(Byron Hill/Wayne Tester) Honey they're bringin' out a TV crew They wanna do a story 'bout me and you They'll be stringin' up bright lights in the backyard There'll be cameras on their shoulders We'll"
  • Walkin' In - Tracy Byrd
    "(Byron Hill/Zack Turner) I've done my share of walkin' out I've kept your heart in a state of doubt I'm gonna change, I know I can There'll be no more walkin' out, I'm walkin' in I'm walkin' in through"
  • In My Heart Of Hearts - Blackhawk
    "(Byron Hill/Anne Roboff) Jenny told Tom that she was leavin' Never thought it would come to that Can't you almost feel that ol' ground shake All the way to us from where they're at We've had our share"
  • If I Was A Drinkin' Man - Neal McCoy
    "(J.B. Rudd/Byron Hill) If I was a drinkin' man like I used to be I'd get myself a bottle and you'd be history You made me a thinkin' man when you walked out If I was a drinkin' man, I wouldn't need you"
  • Tonight - Radney Foster
    "Linda's going down town tonight Cause she don't wanna be alone She's got everything in this world Except the love of a man at home She keeps on hopin that door is open Down on Broadway she knows a place"

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