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cheryl lynn
  • Loretta Lynn Let Me Go You're Hurtin' Me
    "(Loretta Lynn - Lorene Allen) Let me go please let me go you're hurtin' me I've lost all your love so I can't understand Are you holdin' on to just show me you can This grip you have on me is as tight"
  • Loretta Lynn What Kind Of A Girl (Do You Think I Am)
    "(Loretta Lynn - Teddy Wilburn) You want me to prove my love for you I'm surprised that's the way you're askin' me to You've known me so long I can't understand what kind of a girl do you think I am What"
  • Loretta Lynn Slowly Killing Me
    "(Loretta Lynn) Oh I can't live without you and I'm barely livin' with you I can't get her off your mind and I can't set you free When you look at one another your look tells me you love her And that's"
  • Loretta Lynn I Got Caught
    "(Loretta Lynn) You're standin' there a sayin' I'm no good and I'm so ashamed I'd die if I could But you're no better than I am or have you given this one thought The only thing that's different I got"
  • Loretta Lynn Country Christmas
    "(Loretta Lynn) Mommie pop the popcorn and we string it on the tree Apples nuts and candy oh what a Christmas feel Daddy play the organ and we'll all sing Silent Night We'll have a good old country Christmas"
  • Loretta Lynn To Heck With Ole Santa Claus
    "(Loretta Lynn) (To heck with ole Santa Claus) Last year I hung and stopped by the chimney and ole Santa didn't bring me anything Well I wrote a note and I told him what to bring me But I didn't even hear"
  • Loretta Lynn Man I Hardly Know
    "(Loretta Lynn) In a booth back in a corner where the lights are way down low In the arms of a man I hardly know I let the devil take over this heart of mine When I lost your love well I almost lost my"
  • Loretta Lynn Dear Uncle Sam
    "(Loretta Lynn) Dear Uncle Sam I know you're a busy man And tonight I write to you through tears with a trembling hand My darling answered when he got that call from you You said you really need him but"
  • Loretta Lynn I Pray My Way Out Of Trouble
    "(Loretta Lynn - Teddy Wilburn) Many times my mind is wrapped up in trouble and my heart gets so heavy too Sometimes when I sink so long I touch bottom I kneel down to reach out and he pulls me through I"
  • Loretta Lynn Night Girl
    "(Loretta Lynn - Teddy Wilburn) You say you'd like to be with me tonight someplace where we can hide from your world But if you're ashamed to show me up in daylight Then I can't see why I should be your"

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