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  • Crack In The Egg - GWAR
    "The egg was spawned in our mutation pit In the bowels of your Feeding on the blood of you loinspawn And all the filthy load that was blown What it looks like, I care not I just hope it kills a lot Crack"
  • Fuckin' An Animal - GWAR
    "Oh I am F**kin' an animal I'm f**kin' an animal I'm involved with porn I'm holding on the horns I'm f**kin' an animal Sure is nice and warm in here I'm f**kin' an animal I'm f**kin' an animal drinking"
  • Fucking An Animal - GWAR
    "Ooooh...Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...aaaaammm...f**kin' an animal! F**kin' an animal Holding on the horns F**kin' an animal I'm involved with porn F**kin' an animal Sure is nice and warm in here... In my"
  • Go To Hell! - GWAR
    "The halls of our keep rock with ruin and war The walls cry and crumble, Broken the sword. The tombs and the tomes. The world's honeycombed. We must possess the underearth. Down, down, down Toll the bell,"
  • War Party - GWAR
    "I hear your piteous shrieking In this land of death And boils and bees and RPG's And piles of prisoners masturbated on Now you are on fire You curse the choice you made Your Humvee a pyre your life to"
  • We Kill Everything - GWAR
    "In the hulking halls of hatred where the Master makes his throne Within the "ass"-teroid belt where his body floats alone his mind begins to wander the worm begins to turn all life he must now squander"
  • Womb With A View - GWAR
    "Fiendish and crude Froosty and lews This is the life I have whored myself to Spackled and battered and smothered and covered And cleaving and cloven and bitter and blued Your womb Your breeding sac Your"
  • World O' Filth - GWAR
    "Welcome to your world of filth--Where costly cash is jumbo puke. The words they rhyme the sound you crave. You lust for what's called Jumbo-Pave. For what's called Jumbo Pay--A. Here within your filthy world"
  • Gor-Gor - GWAR
    "Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor Gor-Gor comes and sirens wail Mournful drone of babbling fail Thunderous gnashing firestorm Flames illuminate his form Gor-Gor"
  • Gilded Lily - GWAR
    "Well I've been wearing a Gilded Lily Cunningly carved in a manner frilly To my design it was created No deviation was tolerated My Gilded Lily he think he funny My Gilded Lily he worth cash money"

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