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  • Pretty - The Cranberries
    "You're so pretty the way you are You're so pretty the way you are and you have no reason to be so insolent to me you're so pretty the way you are La, La, you got to say it if you want to but you won't"
  • Waltzing Back - The Cranberries
    "Who gave them the right Waltzing back into your life (your life, your life) Now I feel fear I wish that they'd never come here (here, here) What they gonna do What they gonna say Taking you away From"
  • Baby Blues - The Cranberries
    "(BTH Australian version) I wonder what's happening to me Things are changing so dramatically I'll search for you, you're not really there Still I wonder knowing that you do care I shut up, I shut"
  • The Sweetest Thing - The Cranberries
    "(Promises single 1999) I am getting ready for my lover he is coming home to me tomorrow night I am getting ready for no other he is the sunshine the moonlight of my life He has never had to disappoint"
  • Woman Without Pride - The Cranberries
    "I'll try to be nice Be nice if I can I will try to be nice And please my man I'll try to let on That it's a perfect day And I'll try to pretend She's going away I'll try to let on She never persisted I'll"
  • Such A Shame - The Cranberries
    "Well I feel so sorry for you You'll always be the same 'cos you're sad, you're sad And I think you're very selfish And you play a vicious game 'cos you're bad, you're bad And you'll end up very lonely And"
  • Paparazzi On Mopeds - The Cranberries
    "As I lie here In the bathtub I ponder And I wonder Why did they take her And squeeze her life away Paparazzi on mopeds Fresh air in their heads Paparazzi on mopeds Cotton wool balls in their heads So ugly,"
  • Not Sorry - The Cranberries
    "I keep on looking through the window again But I'm not sorry if I do insult you And I'm sad, not sorry 'bout the way that things went And you'll be happy and I'll be forsaken thee I swore I'd never feel"
  • Wanted - The Cranberries
    "Sitting in an armchair with my head between my hands I wouldn't have to be like this if you'd only understand Too many misunderstandings causing such delay And if it doesn't work like this Well, I'll try"
  • Still Can't... (Recognize The Way I Feel) - The Cranberries
    "Still can't recognize the way I feel Nothing of what you said to me was real And you still can't find the strength to apologize He lies You just go on laughin' and tellin' everyone lies 'Cause you wanted"

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