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dzis dzien 8 marca

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dzis dzien 8 marca
  • Powerman 5000 Standing 8
    "Out on your feet standing 8, standing, 8 You can't look to me when you sealed your own fate It's one to four and you're half way there I can tell from your face your and blank stare That there ain't nothin'"
  • Ed Sheeran Grade 8
    "My mind is a warrior, My heart is a foreigner, My eyes are the colour of red like the sunset, Never keep it bottled up, Left to the hands of the foreigner, Be a true heart not a follower, We're not"
  • Kirsty Hawkshaw Chapter 8
    "One day the black hole Will Disappear And everything that ventured inside it Will have no relevance But it will still be felt out there Somewhere in the bigness Like the way I still feel you Some things"
  • J Church 8:28
    "You're in and out and about, At best you act suspicious, I can accept if you don't love me, Please pretend for my sanity, Just make it through this season, I can't give you any reason, You can say that"
  • N.W.a 8 Ball
    "Verse One: Eazy-E I don't drink brass monkey, like the beat funky Nickname Eazy-E your 8 ball junkie Bass drum kicking, to show my shit Rap a hole in my dick, boy, I don't quit Crowd rocking motherfucker"
  • Modest Mouse Interstate 8
    "Spent 18 hours waiting stoned for space I spent the same 18 hours in the same damn place I'm on a road shaped like a figure 8 I'm going nowhere, but I'm guaranteed to be late You go out like a riptide"
  • Obie Trice 8 Miles
    "Artist: Obie Trice Album: Cheers (Import) Song: 8 Miles (Intro) (*echo*) Assassins Muggs Soul Assassins (Verse 1) I'm stranded off School Craft Avenue, I gotta make it to 8 This bitch I'm with, she"
  • Rantanplan Hamburg, 8
    "Hamburg, 8, Regen Die Welt steht still und wir daneben... als wir durch die Straen rollten, fast schon glcklich waren. Der Kiez lag uns zu Fen, sag dem Rest, wir lassen gren, lassen ausrichten, dass alles"
  • Jill Sobule Super 8
    ""Take me back, Take me home, to world that never was. Cones and Roman Candles in the sky, 4th of July, The dog's crouched in the basement, Dad was still alive, The fading grain of Super 8 Makes everything"
  • FKA twigs Figure 8
    "Let me live through your voice Mass appeal, I feel in ten breaths it's a miracle if we're still alive Can you touch it? Is it real? Pay the part in I feel the spark it's dripped, as if a grip it's overflowing"

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