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  • Ballade - Elis
    "Da lschte sein Licht in ihrer Hand, Der Wind verwehte drei Zeichen im Sand - Laut sang, o sang das Meer. Ein Narre schrieb drei Zeichen in Sand, Eine bleiche Magd da vor ihm stand. Laut sang, so sang"
  • Come To Me - Elis
    "Out of the darkness you came You looked so tired and sad I asked where you've been You answered your voice was quiet Out in the cold searching for love I said you don't have to search for love Come"
  • Devil's Temptation - Elis
    "What did you do You're guilty You have to die We'll find you Everywhere Vengeance Why do you torture me My mind is in despair Why do you punish me For a crime I never committed Why am I all alone No"
  • Do You Believe - Elis
    "Each night I lie in my bed And I think about it Oh my dark friend Can you give me an answer The people that we love We cannot understand Every day the people that we love are hurt The people who"
  • Engel Der Nacht - Elis
    "Nebel zieh'n gespentisch vor Der Sucher setzt leis seinen Fuss Einsam unterm Sternenzelt Rastlose Suche in der Nacht Wandelnd zwischen Schlaf und Tod Nach einem Schattentraum Furcht und Sehnsucht"
  • For Such A Long Time - Elis
    "My heart's filled with loneliness and pain Lying in my lover's arms, I hear him breathe and I can feel The beating of his heart His hand caresses my skin And he whispers words of love He's sleeping"
  • God's Silence - Elis
    "Past the hamlet The soft orphan gleans some scanty ears Her eyes graze roundly And golden in the dusk And her lap Waits for the heavenly groom How sad this evening is I'm a shadow Far away of sinister"
  • Anger - Elis
    "Come calm my anger Our love is like a perfect sky Deep blue and the sun is shining But it seems that sometimes There have to be some clouds And suddenly I feel this destructive anger Deep inside And"
  • Are You Missing Me - Elis
    "Are you missing me? Not knowing where I am Out there somewhere Do you remember me? Do you think of me? When you are on your own Do you wish that we Had the chance to meet? Never met you Searching my"
  • Black Angel - Elis
    "I was walking through the night Suddenly I remarked a sound in the winds An angel like voice singing a tale Through the cold and stormy night Flies an angel The black angel White skin, red lips and long"

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