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  • Afer ventum (english) - Enya
    "Sea of Clouds. Umbriel. Sea of Showers. Ariel. And we go to the stars. And we go to the stars. Sea of Waves. Io. Vela. Wonderful to relate. Marvels. Wonderful to see. Wonders. And we go to the stars. And"
  • Angels - Enya
    "Angels, answer me, are you near if rain should fall? Am I to believe you will rise to calm the storm? For so great a treasure words will never do. Surely, if this is, promises are mine to give you. mine"
  • Carribean blue - Enya
    "Eurus Afer Ventusso the world goes round and round with all you ever knew - They say the sky high above is Caribbean blue ... if every man says all he can, if every man is true, do I believe the sky above"
  • Deora ar mo chroi - Enya
    "How beautiful the day and night; the earth is singing in the wind, the voices rise and touch the sky telling all the earth's believing, and in the night sighs fall down on me. And when I move away from"
  • How can i keep from singing - Enya
    "My life goes on in endless song Above earth's lamentations, I hear the real, though far-off hymn That hails a new creation. Through all the tumult and the strife I hear it's music ringing, It sounds an"
  • May it be (deutsche) - Enya
    "Mag es ein Abendstern sein der auf dich hinunter scheint Mag es sein wenn die Dunkelheit fllt dass dein Herz ehrlich ist Du lufst auf einer einsamen Strae Oh! Wie weit bist du von zuhause weg Dunkelheit"
  • Only if - Enya
    "When there's a shadow, you follow the sun When there is low, then you look for the one And for the promises, there is the sky And for the heavens are those who can fly if you really want to, you can hear"
  • S fagaim mo bhaile - Enya
    "Maidin 's ts an lae 's fgaim mo bhaile. T mo chrose go brón 's fada ar shil m'óige. Curf: Oche 's m liom fin. Spartha dubh go domhain, a choch. Ag cuimhneamh ar laetha a bh gan gh agus gan ghruaim. istim"
  • S fagaim mo bhaile (english) - Enya
    "Morning and the start of the day and I leave my home. My heart is grieving and my youth is long past. Chorus: Night and I am alone. Endless deep black skies. Recollecting the days that were carefree and"
  • Smaointe - Enya
    "Listen to my heart Sorrowful, alas I am lost without you And your wife The great love in your life She guided me Be with me always Day and night Chorus Lamenting the great loneliness The sorrowful tears"

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