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  • Kind Of Like Spitting Aubergine
    "(You make a man feel safe.) I live in a town where the streets are paved with glass Where the thriving upper-class just can't be bothered I live in a town where the weeklies are just trash Where pretty"
  • Eddie Reader The Exception
    "In a paparazzi photograph she was stepping from a car The tired eyes betrayed the smile of the faded singing star At the publishers reception on the launching of her book She told the grimy details and"
  • Iron Maiden Charlotte The Harlot
    "(Dave Murray) Giving a swish with your arse in the air, don't you know what they're saying? Charlotte you're so refined when you take all the love that they're giving. Sticking with every man that you"
  • Kurupt Hustlin'
    "(feat. Big Tri & Young Tone) (Kurupt) Yeah, nigga, nigga No disrespect to you East coast The West coast we got heat too We gon' keep it real G'd up (Y.A., Tri, Lil' Kurupt) (Verse One) Okay, if I don't"
  • Jay-Z Brooklyn (Jim Jones Diss)
    "Little Punk ass Buck, that's it nigga That's ballin? I guess Men Lie, Women Lie But Numbers Don't Its Over for that Ballin' It My Turn Brooklyn! I wear a mean dark pair of shades, you can't see my eyes"
  • Conflict I Heard A Rumour
    "Time and time again we hear the same old rumours Conflict doing this, Conflict doing that Have you heard the one about Conflicts pacifism? The message is swing on a baseball bat Have you heard the"
  • Eminem In Da Pub
    "go, go, go, go, go, go, go on luv, it's my birthday you look tarty like its my birthday ill buy you a bracardi like its my birthday and you no im havin' a laugh, it's not my birthday Chors x2 you'll find"
  • Imelda May Kentish Town Waltz
    "Do you remember we traipsed around From pub to pound shop through Kentish Town Only a fiver to our name The drunk on the doorstep had more to our shame Living over the offy had its trials The fights"
  • Slick Rick It's A Boy
    "It's me at last, the Rickster, Def Jam's where I be Most agree it's kinda amazin folks are born from where we pee at Though I definetly fiend it, baby no way, chill, clever mean it Gotta be careful, be"
  • Black Sheep Yes
    "Yo! The Black Sheep has arisen here, oh dear The cat's out the bag and it's the end of your career Don't spit it out, let it persevere I like to see my dick snot disappear I got inch out the edge, Lawnge"

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