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get lucky daft punk

  • Lucky I'm Rappin - Spice 1
    "(Intro: Jayo Felony & Spice 1) Yeah, Spice 1, Jayo It's on there (Blaow!) (yeah what's really pimpin'? I mean, I mean, I mean what you mean Sure got a nigga fucked up (fucked up) Just takin' it gangsta"
  • Cant Get Lucky - Angels
    "(R. Brewster) Watch the balckbird coming down guilty peracher waking drum living in turtured extasis twisted vision what you see make you fammous, make you blameless feel the madness catching up with me Breakdown is"
  • Lucky Lucky Me - Backseat Goodbye
    "the college kids are singing love songs on the balcony below me. it's friday night two for one your either loved or you're lonely. it's getting colder you can play it off with a scarf or a sweater. if"
  • Punk lolita - Blondie
    "She was a punk Lolita C.B.G.S. era Holes in her stocking Nothing is shocking Down at the heels Had what it takes to feel She could rock the world She was a punk girl, Ooooh... You don't care that I'm just"
  • Punk police - H-Blockx
    "I don't care what you've got to sayYou've said it enough now be on your wayYou say that you, you are "so punk"Well who cares you stupid cuntPolice! Police! Here come the Punk PoliceYou colour your hair"
  • Punk Rock - Nirvana
    "I was sitting here In a preppy shirt And you and my best friend and you came over to me and said And said ... said hey jerk I've got this good thing going here I thought that i would share with you It's"
  • Immigrant Punk - Gogol Bordello
    "Upon arriving to the melting pot I get penciled in as a goodamn white Now that I am categorized Officer gets me naturalized Now that I'm living up in God knows where Sometime it gets hard without a friend But"
  • Cosmetic Punk - Thunder
    "Cosmetic punk, that's what you are Dressed like a street kid in your brand new car Your mom's a doctor and your daddy's rich You don't want nothing, ain't life a bitch (you're sitting on top of the world) And"
  • Redneck Punk - Jackyl
    "I jumped straight off that trail today Ain't nobody better get in my way no Trail dust, sore butt, gotta get out of this 10 day rut CHORUS Whoa, gitty up and go I'm a redneck punk Mean, red, better off"
  • Dirty Punk - The Clash
    "Gonna be a dirty punk Gonna rock your neighborhood Do the sound of rebel funk Turn it up loud like it should I could hear your momma scream She's gonna waste herself away When your daddy smashed that"

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