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  • Weed Of Wisdom - Dystopia
    "rape consume exhault abuse rob the earth of fossil fuels we kill ourselves with fossil fuels weve tried we failed we die with our hands tied cant you see we have no choice you lie about the true effects lies..."
  • Presente De Um Beija-Flor - Nativus
    "( Alexandre ) O beija-flor que trouxe meu amor Voou e foi embora Olha só como lindo meu amor Estou feliz agora Veja só a nvoa branca que sai de traz do bambuzau Ser que ela me faz bem ou ser que faz mal Eu"
  • Dow Jones And The Temple Of Doom - Burnt By The Sun
    "Consume. Defecate. Consume again. Hollow and empty. Consume. And this is where we're at. Running in reverse. I'll tell you what you need to be through what you own. Through what controls your mind, your"
  • Tiger Bone Wine - Jack Foster III
    "You say youre ripe for table scraps The staple of the corporal zombie Hes got six inch teeth and eyes so, black When he stares at you he wants meat Take it from a T-Rex dinosaur In a jungle full of carnivores You"
  • Dalla a alla zeta - Fabri Fibra
    "Rit. Dalla a alla z l'uomo che prega iddio nonostante il demonio in noi si fa il suo duomo io faccio fatica a radunar le mie forze esercitati, oggi radunano gli eserciti. Aaah, analfabeta ti attacchi,"
  • Feeding time at the zoo - Exodus
    "Can you hear the roar? I sounds like a war It's feeding time at the zoo When their stomachs start growlin' the wolves start to howl For a bite of what's on our menu As they pick up the scent they grow"
  • Beleza Artificial - Sam The Kid
    "(Sam the Kid) Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yo Valete man obrigado mesmo, foda-se era mesmo neste som que eu queria entrar man foda-se, certas bitches man, h certas damas mesmo que no tm nada na cabea"
  • Commencement At The Obedience Academy - Aesop Rock
    "i fell asleep again; i wasn't ready for it. the harvest appeared less plentiful than last season. i imagine sloppy seed handling evoked a stroke of tardy planting, and the crops we'd have harnessed mid-november"
  • Ass Clown - Ministry
    "''Ladies and gentlemen Welcome to Washington DC Home of the Ass Clown Step right up into the 3,000 ring circus of The Beltway And witness the impossible See them grovel, see them lie, see them crawl on"
  • Preachin' Love - Donovan
    "From the album best of donovan ii I'm preachin' love Straight from above I know what to do, yes I do. Well, I'm breathing love Straight from above I mean about what I said. Well, I understand my congregation Is"

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