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i know that's why you fell in love with me

  • I'm in love with you - Erykah Badu with Stephen Marley
    "And she says she needs more than a friend That's all I ever been yo Well one day you gon' overstand yo And I remember the first time that we met yo How could I forget ya? When you smiled And I turned and"
  • That's Why I'm Here - James Taylor
    "Person to person and man to man, I'm back in touch with my long lost friend. Listen to reason and understand and think of me from way back when. He said, me and Melissa, well we fell out of love. We ran"
  • Today I Fell In Love - The Queers
    "Hanging on the telephone I'm glad that we're all alone Felling kind of cool today Listening to what you say Rainbows in my head Green red and blue Saying I'm in love with you I don't care what people seem"
  • I Know Why I'm In Love - Elton John
    "I wake up and I look at the clock In the middle of the night my heart stops When I see you in the moonlight I know why I'm in love Peace will come I promise you I wish you success in all you do And when"
  • I Fell Fine - Beatles, The
    "Beatles, The Past Masters - Volume One I Fell Fine Baby's good to me you know She's happy as can be you know She said so I'm in love with her and I feel fine Baby says she's mine you know She tells me"
  • Fell Out - Bleach
    "What's wrong with me, I just been layin' around Wishin' it'd be like it was before I fell out Now is there any chance, that I can find romance Like we had back then, Oh I want it again You said you'd"
  • Don't Know Why - Swollen Members
    "I don't know when the time will be Which side of me whom you might see Be careful what you ask for That's no lie sometimes we Just don't know why Why do I do it like I do How come I don't get in"
  • I Fell For You - Chaka Khan
    "Captured effortlessly That's the way it was Happened so naturally I did not know it was love The next thing I felt was You holding me close What was I gonna do? I let myself go And now we're flyin' through"
  • I Don't Know Why I Bother With Myself - Bee Gees
    "I'm a fool , I've taken no advice And I'm so cruel , I'm talkin' to you nice But then again you may not take me back Oh just to put my hat back on your rack Guess I don't know why I bother with myself You"
  • That's Why (You Go Away) - Michael Learns To Rock
    "Baby want you tell me why there is sadness in your eyes I don't wanna say goodbye to you Love is one big illusion I should try to forget But there is something left in my head You're the one who set it"

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