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  • The Prodigal - Living Sacrifice
    "Around their necks is tied a millstone With sin the little ones were overthrown Their sincere minds were led astray Distracted by pure devotion to Christ way A spirit is now at work in the disobedient Neglected"
  • Fee Fi Fo - The Cranberries
    "Fee fi fo she smells his body She smells his body And it makes her sick to her mind He has got so much to answer for To answer for, To ruin a child's mind How could you touch something So innocent and"
  • Leave No Deed Undone - Wolfsheim
    "from the moment you wake up you cannot feel free there are so many things in this world you can't see just don't keep on leaving your dreams behind have a heart to see you'll get trapped in your mind it's"
  • Bloodlust Of The Human Condition - Unearth
    "we feed this hunger for horror cold is the human heart is the human mind all born with sickness and impurity bloodlust of the human condition dark fears are wanted spread it so these eyes can capture"
  • Breeding The Spawn - Suffocation
    "Eulogy inscribed in the scrolls of humanity. Ancient scriptures of predicted demise. A world encased in the womb of it's ignorance. Extinction will be swift, relentless butchery. The structure collapses,"
  • Sunless Dawn - Naglfar
    "Hear the howlings in the night I'm one with it's might Enchanted by the calling cries As I gaze into the sombre skies Awaiting the shining, the fire neverseen Waiting for the darkened path which'll lead"
  • Engines Of Hate - Nevermore
    "Can I be your personal demon Sit back absorb the words And feast on my mind's semen Can I be the devil on your shoulder We all fall down as the world gets colder I uncreate, I desecrate I spit the truth"
  • Parents Guide To Living - Lagwagon
    "Wasting his days and his nights Nothing's changed Nothing's right He has no sense of pride Sees no respect in his parents eyes And why should he care? No one ever cared for him? Wasting her nights and"
  • Ill Divine - Fleshtized
    "Presumed dead, but not so easily exhumed dead remains unsightly Processed cold post death indignity defiled soul impurity Fiends of the night enshrouded Encloned for him they work forced labor till dawn Townships"
  • Withered Monarch - Martyr A.d.
    "Spite the hand that breeds innocence Light the fires of impurity Pull the hood over your fucking face And hide away your real self If you've come here to pass judgement Leave your cause behind fade"

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