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iron maiden number

  • Iron Savior - Iron Savior
    "Out of the cold you've been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve built for eternity you're indestructable free of emotions a robot miracle Now you're up there above the clouds reading your"
  • Iron Warrior - Iron Savior
    "Here and now you wonder Looking at the past Start to realize Time's running fast Decisions made and chances missed But here you are Still standing strong Locked up in adaption Like a tiger in the cage Tainted"
  • Number - The Bear Quartet
    "come new year's day's morning now what did you promise this time? can you remember what accidentally slipped your mind? no more degrading or humiliating stunts? what were you saying before you pulled down"
  • Number - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "I got a number in my pocket Keep it in my wallet, right on my hip When my paycheck's steady, I'm damn good and ready I toll it up to my lip, and I go to the moon I got my foot down on the throttle Hands"
  • The Ice Maiden - Prefab Sprout
    "Standing on the boulevard You wish to know my name I'm the Ice Maiden I think perhaps you like being unhappy I'm the Ice Maiden - The limit of your dreams Arctic winds blow and still you believe Loves"
  • Maiden, Mother & Crone - The Sword
    "The maiden sitting by her pool Was first to hear my pleas As she looked into the water She recited these words to me: Walk not down that road I can not tell you where it goes Ask me no more questions Some"
  • Fair Swiss Maiden - Roger Miller
    "One time a long time ago on a mountain in Switzerland yolololo There lived a fair young maiden lovely but lonely yohohoho Day by the day she'd pine her heart away yololololadylay cause no love came her"
  • Time & The Maiden - Claire Voyant
    "Is it real, can I see you? Or is it just elusive dreaming? Far and away are you Am I here in your breath? Remnants of where you are I am Lost and how I wait for you holding on After all this time"
  • Hine E Hine (Maiden, O Maiden) - Hayley Westenra
    "E tangi ana Koe Hine, E Hine! Kua ngenge ana koe Hine, E Hine! Kati to pouri ra Noho i te Aroha Te ngakau o te Matua Hine, E Hine! E Hari to moe moea Hine, E Hine! Marama ahua Hine, E Hine!"
  • Stratego - Iron Maiden
    "Premiera utworu Iron Maiden 'Stratego' będzie mieć miejsce 19 sierpnia 2021 roku."

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