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  • Your Hands - Killing Heidi
    "Sunlight magnifies the pieces of her broken life She says everything is fine, in her head, in her head She's anaesthetised Now she'll go high and low Look for a place to go And maybe she'll say to me"
  • Outside of Me - Killing Heidi
    "Always were out of time, the action makes you smile... When your hands are by your sides. Feed the tree that you love, a light comes from above, then it fades before your eyes. Do you see it? Do you"
  • Pave the Way - Killing Heidi
    "I remember waiting in line I was waiting for the bell to ring I remember waiting just to hear My name called again I can feel a hand on my back in the hall It was summertime You know those feelings never"
  • Superman / Supergirl - Killing Heidi
    "Superman supergirl, show me your stuff Take a bow at the world The boquet is hot Watch out superman, show me your stuff And if i didn't care Do you think i'd still be here? Do you really believe"
  • Berlin Chair - Killing Heidi
    "If half of what I'm saying, of what I'm saying is true Will you rub my head, make it all shiny and new? And you drag my coat tails, drag my coat tails down and I'll be the only cold assed king around. If"
  • Don't Speak - Killing Heidi
    "You and me We used to be together Every day together always I really feel I'm losing my best friend I can't believe This could be the end It looks as though you're letting go And if it's real, well I"
  • Miss World - Killing Heidi
    "I am the girl you know can't look you in the eye I am the girl you know, so sick I cannot try I am the one you want, can't look you in the eye I am the girl you know, I lie and lie and lie I'm Miss World Somebody"
  • Morning - Killing Heidi
    "I'm shooting through the stars tonight Can't you see me I'm a flash of light Don't know where I'm heading, hopefully the moon Don't know where I'm heading but I hope I get there soon Oh morning, I'll"
  • Nutha Fucking Love Song (Live) - Killing Heidi
    "Ella: aright then, nutha f**king love song What's the point in trying to look your best? When you the one you want Never looks in your direction He just stares at the one He's wanted all along As you"
  • Pins And Needles - Killing Heidi
    "(Jesse and Ella Hooper) If only we could stand the pain Casualties of another day In the case were all the same Theres no pain to feel this stark frame Needle points over lies Make a happy man and"

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