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  • Crazy - Leah Haywood
    "Give me a directive baby Give me something to define Everything is getting hazy Cause you know you blow my mind Working out a plan, get my message through Gotta find a way, how to get to you Chorus I'm"
  • Gonna Be Alright - Leah Haywood
    "Say you love me and kiss me goodbye Got a one way ticket to my new life Gonna miss you, but I know I'll be fine If it get's too much I'll just drop you a line When tommorrow comes and you're still on"
  • Missing You - Leah Haywood
    "Is there a day when I'm not thinking of you I get so lonely and there's no one to turn to You know I try so hard to focus my mind I see your smile and I know I'm wasting my time I feel your arms around"
  • One Word - Leah Haywood
    "I heard you walking through my door I studied every footstep I tried to listen through the floor I love to hear you sleeping So pretty is your face I feel so inadequate But know it keeps me breathing When"
  • Takin' Back What's Mine - Leah Haywood
    "Something to say, say it now Don't make me wait, losing my ground We had a love, what a shame But I love you all the same Still I won't play in your game And I need to break free 'cause you're tripping"
  • We Think It's Love - Leah Haywood
    "I never wanted I never wanted to be the one telling you this way But I can't keep it I can't keep this to myself anymore another day We're holding on to feelings from way before What we want what we"
  • Bow Down - Leah Andreone
    "Van Gogh lent me his ear Now the picture is clear I can finally hear Girls they grow like the weeds We're replaceable beings Just tell her what you told me Overindulge, hit the spot Take too much, take"
  • Come As You Are - Leah Andreone
    "Come As you are As you were As I want you to be As a friend As a friend As an old enemy Take your time Hurry up The choice is yours Don't be late Take a rest As a friend As an old memory Memory Memory Memory"
  • Come Sunday Morning - Leah Andreone
    "Charming you's a challenge You've got these strings attached like bondage For you I'll bring the holy house down We'll get some peace and help our sorrows drown Lay at the altar with me Let's live deviantly Maybe"
  • Dive In - Leah Andreone
    "Hanging from a rope Hanging from a swing set I close my naked knees Cuz I know how the word spreads You're looking up at me Look it's heaven in a playhouse In a tree, play with me Found a slide to ride Hold"

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