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lipstick on your lups lady gaga

  • Lady - Styx
    "(Dennis DeYoung) Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling Give me all your love Your hands build me up when I'm sinking Touch me and my troubles all fade Lady, from the moment I saw you Standing all alone You"
  • Lady - Angelo Branduardi
    "ANGELO BRANDUARDI "fables and fantasies" Lady Lady I love thee Once sang all the minstrels On the greenbanks and meadows In high-windowed halls Nowadays the styles changed It's not the done thing Call"
  • Lady - Simply Red
    "Your indulgence of your freedom ignores me Your freedom to express your confusion shames all of us As if being a lady will make it easier By being a lady it will make love life clearer I hope that you"
  • Lipstick, power and paint - Shakin' Stevens
    "Chorus: Lipstick powder and paint, lipstick powder and paint, lipstick powder and paint, is you is, or is you ain't. There goes my baby up a tree, a-giggling and a wiggling her toes at me, Let me put my"
  • Lady - Anthony David
    "It's the truth If you told me last year I'd be laid up like this man I would have never believed you Things are a lot different Seems like it was just a year ago I was talking sleek about girls About the"
  • Lady - England Dan And John Ford Coley
    "Many highways I've been on Since I went out chasing a song And I left you standing alone In the soft morning sunlight Now the summer's just like it was then You were waving goodbye in the wind And I heard"
  • Lady - Regina Spektor
    "Lady sing the blues so wellas if she mean itas if it's hell down herein the smoke-filled worldwhere the jokes are coldthey don't laugh at jokesthey laugh at tragediesCorner street societiesbut they believe"
  • Lady - Crossfire
    "Lady, you know I cant erase you from my mind, You drive me crazy when I see your body wind, Like, you stand you smile, your wasting your design, oohoo. The way you swing your thing left right and centre,"
  • Lady - Lou Bega
    "Bounce baby, bounce baby Baby baby, bounce bounce Bounce baby, bounce baby, bounce ! CHORUS : Lady If you really wanna ride with me If you wanna have some fun baby Then you just gotta bounce ! baby bounce"
  • Lady - Mando Diao
    "Don't you stumble, turning your head upside down And dont get the feeling that I've been dreaming here all alone Sell the new dimension to my pal he's in need of help but Im so busy Teach me how to loose"

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