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mickey mouse disneyowska myszka taczy charlestona

  • Stumpy The Mouse - Bif Naked
    "I had Cinderella complex with the boys, and ballet class gave me some poise, I've never ever lied to you or said anything that was untrue. I constantly searched for one true god, my icy gaze finally thawed. I"
  • One brown mouse - Jethro Tull
    "Smile your little smile --- take some tea with me awhile. Brush away that black cloud from your shoulder. Twitch your whiskers. Feel that you're really real. Another tea-time --- another day older. Puff"
  • A Dead Mouse - Viktor Vaughn
    "Yo I'm only rhyming where the drums is at Y'all niggas think y'all slick wit that bullshit bump that Y'all pay V for flowing to the beat Not for what he know that got hoe's hoeing in the streets That's"
  • Cat And Mouse - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
    "Softly we tremble tonight, picture perfect fading smiles are all that's left in sight, I said I'd never leave you'll never change I'm not satisfied with where I'm at in life. Am I supposed to be happy?"
  • Cat And Mouse - Ry Cooder
    "Well I had an Uncle Charley, back in my hometown Said, Don't take no mice to be your friend 'Cause they'll wait till you're asleep and steal your money and your food And rat you out when the police come"
  • Old School Mouse - Joe Budden
    "You now listenin to a different type of boss Abstract, they cut him from a different type of clothe Jers say that mouths want a different type of soft Only started when I was lookin at different type of"
  • Cat And Mouse - Gerry Rafferty
    "As you crossed the room, I was all wrapped up in my cocoon When you said hello, I had nowhere to run and I had nowhere to go With a fool like you, I will say anything you want me to With a fool like me,"
  • Muddy Mouse (B) - Robert Wyatt
    "What do Ann and Handy do after a long, exhausting shift? Clean the spades and clear away the dirt? No, of course not! Usually they lie down in the mud, close together, just to save on heat. (simultaneously) Work"
  • Julie The Mouse - Of Montreal
    "Nothing can save me from the pain of you not loving me It doesn't help me to complain I just have to feel it and hope it goes away But it's so useless and it hurts just like it did before I'm afraid that"
  • Mickey - The Mumbling Midget - The Residents
    "Mickey the mumbling midget was ten years old today Mickey the mumbling midget somehow ran away Mickey the mumbling midget was not in his cage Mickey the mumbling midget soon would need a shave Lassie looked"

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