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muniek staszczyk - lucy

  • Lucy Lovemenot - Milburn
    "Writes down a note and leaves it waiting on the side, Puts her lipstick on and turns off all the lights, Then its out the door, Onto the floor, Of every bar in town, Got to let the fellas know that she"
  • Lucy Forever - King Diamond
    "I leave it up me me girl, You tell me when and I'll act By the first light of dawn, Daddy will be on his way By the first light of dawn, No more Daddy, I say I leave it up to me girl You tell me when"
  • Lucy Dee - VINCE GILL
    "(Steve Earl) I've been sittin' here talkin' at you all night long Now honey you still come off cool Well you could have walked away instead you're leadin' me on Lucy who you tryin' to fool Yeah, Lucy"
  • Juicy Lucy - Klaatu
    "My Juicy Lucy, you're so exciting Eyes of blue and hair of lightning You jet around in your Chrome atomic platform shoes I'm so in love with you My Juicy Lucy You spend your evenings with Alexander That"
  • Juicy Lucy - Nazareth
    "Every time I call her name she's right there by my side Every time that I think it's a change There's no place left to hide This must be for real This must be for real This must be for real It can't be"
  • Lucy Lastic - Macc Lads
    "Well, in this life there's a couple of certs, One is death and the other's a nurse, Well Lucy's old and they say she's passed it, But I gave her one and her tits were that big, And they said bollocks and"
  • Juicy Lucy - the Getaway People
    "Why you never trusted me I fully understand You never liked me jammin' with yo' brothers fonki band You build your trust on honest of which I ain't got none If you can't keep up with me then baby I'll"
  • Saint Lucy - Catie Curtis
    "I woke up dreaming in romance languages Tangled stories by ghost writers But more like screaming like my eyes in bandages All around me your flowers Oh, Saint Lucy I can't find the place where I need to"
  • Forgetful Lucy - Adam Sandler
    "The Hukilau was the place Where I first saw your face We liked each other right away But you didn't remember me the very next day Forgetful Lucy Has got a nice caboose-ie I used to trick you into pulling"
  • Temporarily Lucy - Smith Kendra
    "Crawling through the window winding down the alley She was never sinned nor would she be my Sally Leaning on the sill taking down the water Riding on the wind entwining with your daughter You know that"

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