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  • Back To One - Obituary
    "A stab in the back With a fearless knife With no regard To an innocent life Ruthlessly killing We're terrified (What terrible fun) Now that your falling With nowhere to run Back to the one That you fear"
  • Dead Silence - Obituary
    "Not the one Souls are gonna burn You're the one Coming down the dead Thru the darkness Skies are gonna shout Pray for lies But who's the one to go Streams of blood Flow into the streets Feeds the need Of"
  • Sickness - Obituary
    "Live or die Let them live in pain As I look to the right I see the horror filled within Let the guilty pay Back from the grave From the life of everyone From the bottom of the grave Took the death of"
  • Evil ways - Obituary
    "Write down! what I say!Fall back the evil way!Hold on words of prey...Burned in, the minds decay!Stand forth, lies pay!Fall back, the evil, way!Evil way, evil way, evil way, evil way!Peels off the outer"
  • Final thougths - Obituary
    "Sigh on to you just lost the blow Sigh on to you Sigh on to you My friend Fell thoughts of soul's descend Final Thoughts Sigh on to you My friend Might be is this the end The pain hurts the fear inside"
  • In your head - Obituary
    "Go to the place, I say!I will see you there!Inside my head! I will see you inside you!I will get to your soul, I will get inside your head!Inside my head, I will see you inside my head!I will get to your"
  • Lies - Obituary
    "Through the course, frozen in time, through your rights I see lies!I'm the one you see, I'm the one to find, I'm the course of these lies!Through this transcend, killing time, through this time I fall"
  • Second chance - Obituary
    "God is the wicked way, of your second chance!The gods searchin' heads of death!The crippling man wants you dead!The final cries are due!The certain heads of death!The final cries are due!God is the wicked"
  • Til death - Obituary
    "Kill. Fight 'til the death in a living hell. Fight 'til the death, remove any wait. Fight 'til the death in a living hell. Fighting death. Fight 'til the death in a living hell. Fight 'til the death, remove"
  • Circle of tyrants - Obituary
    "After the battle is over And the sands drunken the blood All what there remains Is the bitterness of delusion The immortality of the gods Sits at their side As they leave the walls behind To reach the"

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