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  • She Mine - Velvet Revolver
    "Love songs keep pumpin' on my radio You split on Monday Took your machine that kept me afloat Now you're back it's Tuesday I call it love insanity I call it my reality She mine Mine all mine She mine Mine"
  • Tomorrow's Mine - The Rembrandts
    "When the tide, comes rollin' in I will tie these logs together and sail away 'Cause I've stayed, far too long And I really should be gettin', on my way On my way Whoah....can't you see that we've run"
  • You're Mine - John Entwistle
    "Who'd drown a cat Who'd do a thing like that If you would, you're mine. Who'd whip a horse A lost soul of course Those who work are mine. They're mine (mine), they're mine (mine). They're mine (mine"
  • Smartie Mine - Dan Bern
    "The paint is not yet dry The clothes are not yet on Only one place where I could Go to be understood Only one place Only one face Smartie mine Smartie mine Smartie mine Smartie mine I wanna go Deep down"
  • It's mine - The Shirelles
    "Why oh why since my baby left me you said i shouldn't be in misery it's not your heart that's breaking it's not your heart that's aching it's mine (it's mine) it's mine (it's mine) it's mine (it's mine)"
  • You're Mine - Coyote Shivers
    "YOU'RE MINE you're mine you're mine just resign yourself to it you're mine i'm gonna tell everybody I meet put the word out on the street make sure there's no mistaken I declare you officially taken you're"
  • It's Mine - Kate Havnevik
    "Tell me who I used to be Was it always you and me Oblivion, it keeps me pure You know too much to be so sure Stranger, lover is it so Do I know you? Lover, strange I never know Should I love you?"
  • She's Mine - Brett Dennen
    "well the witches stare with their limbs akimbo silhouettes of statues up in the window call me to come here with a crooked crescendo but i don't devotees dance among the pantomime on the promenade into"
  • All Mine - Portugal. The Man
    "They let us out from our zoos A fixed escape still, we didn't know just what to do It was steps and steps on missing backs And our hands had been bent backwards to match It's all mine, all mine It's all"
  • You're mine - Eric Gadd
    "You can stop pretending, because I see whats going on And its never ending, why you wanna do me wrong You tell me that you miss me and that you wanna spend some time But then you keep me hangin, why youre"

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