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oh Carol neil sedaka

  • You Mean Everything To Me - Neil Sedaka
    "(Neil Sedaka and Howie Greenfield) You are the answer to my lonely prayer You are an angel from above I was so lonely till you came to me With the wonder of your love I don't know how I ever lived before You"
  • Snowtime - Neil Sedaka
    "Snowtime, snowtime, oh oh oh oh oh oh. Snowtime, snowtime, oh oh oh oh oh oh. The snow is falling, the world's dressed in white tonight, and I remember another cold December when I held you tight."
  • One Way Ticket To The Blues - Neil Sedaka
    "Choo choo, train chugging down the track Gotta travel on, never coming back Oh oh, got a one way ticket to the blues Bye bye, love, my baby's leaving me Now lonely teardrops are all that I can see Oh oh,"
  • I Belong To You - Neil Sedaka
    "You kissed my lips and now my life has just begun As far as I'm concerned you'll always be number one Your kiss convinced me that my roving days are done I belong to you You came into my life just like"
  • All I Need Is You - Neil Sedaka
    "I dont need money, I dont need gold, your sweet kiss is wealth untold. I dont need the sunshine in the sky, there is sunshine in your eyes. When you hold me oh so near, nothing more can matter, dear. Oh,"
  • A Little Lovin' - Neil Sedaka
    "A LITTLE LOVIN Mama raised me to be a man Told me son you have to understand Learn to get while the gettin's good And bring it back to the neighborhood And I swear, I was there Tell me why should I lie I"
  • Love In The Shadows - Neil Sedaka
    "Do do do, doobie bop bop bop, Oh do bop she don don Do do do, doobie bop bop bop, Oh do bop she don don Do do do, doobie bop bop bop, Oh do bop she don don Do do do, doobie bop bop bop, Oh do bop she don"
  • I Go Ape !!! - Neil Sedaka
    "The moon is bright above Oh what a night for love And as I hold you near I whisper in your ear I go ape everytime I see you smile I'm a ding dong gorilla and I'll carry you cave man style I'm gonna bump"
  • Don't - Neil Sedaka
    "Oh, please Don't, don't lead me on Don't love me tonight if tomorrow you'll be gone If you don't mean the things that you say You only have to tell me And I'll be on my way Oh, don't Don't make me cry Don't"
  • The Girl For Me - Neil Sedaka
    "THE GIRL FOR ME The way you hold me tight, the way you kiss good-night, and every time we dance, my heart goes in a trance. You're something special, oh so special, you're the girl for me. The way"

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