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pam pam para ram pam pam pam slow slow slow motion

  • Slow Motion - Leila K
    "Long time ya noh fiesty man top of urgean Never cost us more champagne di Leila K. Slow motion in the way to all de pears a summerbreeze Quinty's got the mic, mi-a Leila K, super trooper oman-a Sambo-tall"
  • Slow Motion - Fluke
    "Still water all I see No waves serenity Reflecting peacefully Looking like the speed for me Held out I feel no need No gravity it seems Suspended here to see A moment for eternity Slow motion I'm getting"
  • Slow motion - Chelo
    "C-H-E-L-O Mami Imma make you a star Girl Ever been to the moon before Cause you're about to know Let me direct you baby Imma make you a star Cause I want you to shine, shine for me Listen Now shawty looking"
  • Slow Motion - Javier
    "do do do do do dodo do do do do dodo ooooooohhh oooohhh oooooohhhhhh Goin in, I knew what I was gettin into Never thought I'd be so predictable, so weak Somethin' bout the way she looked at me It was"
  • Slow Motion - Jagged Edge
    "I had this girl in my room right She was trying to do it, do it too fast I said slow down, you know what she said She said uh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah So So Def Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, So So Def Yeah,"
  • Slow Motion - Love Like Blood
    "I wanna make you fear and let you fall I wanna see you naked body shaking Did you ever feel yourself so helpless? Have you every felt such humiliation In such a helpless situation? I wanna smell you and"
  • Slow motion - Modern Talking
    "My tears will never dry Behind my painted smile You are the nearest thing to heaven, girl This world is not my home Love in a danger zone Some hearts are better left unbroken, girl Slowmotion, baby Hold"
  • Slow motion - Blindside
    "Slipped away out of my hands like a soap once againHey what a day, gone for the night and thenRun back home and tuck yourself in for a needed sleepFor another work-week, what a day what a dayThen wake"
  • Slow Motion - Billy Dean
    "She walks down the aisle In slow motion I try not to cry But you can't hold back The ocean Her long white train and trail The smile behind the veil The one I'll never fail And I will walk through fields"
  • Slow Motion - Nickelback
    "Well I start just broke Of a line in your tasteless joke Whats up with that hutch youve stolen Dont worry cause its not broken, its just swollen Could anticipate How youre feeling from day to day Well"

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