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Teksty piosenek (1745)


  • I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You A Rose Garden) (12" Remix) - Kon Kan
    "(I Beg Your Pardon I never promised you a rose garden along with the sunshine there's gotta be a little rain sometime......) There once was a time and there once was a way We had something going and to"
  • Pray (for LJ) - Pardon My Striptease
    "I cant fight this feelin I'm a stop this bleedin Won't you come now come save me somehow I'm stuck in this rat race I'm a silent disgrace I'm somewhere I can't say I know you'll find me someday It's"
  • Pardons - Jacques Brel
    "Pardon pour cette fille Que l'on a fait pleurer Pardon pour ce regard Que l'on quitte en riant Pardon pour ce visage Qu'une larme a chang Pardon pour ces maisons O quelqu'un nous attend Et puis pour"
  • Fancy - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    "I find it in an atlas Or flipping over old news Check whats in the trash bag We're just another part of you We're just another part of you I beg your pardon, beg your pardon, beg your pardon Oh-ah!"
  • F-Word - Jens Lekman
    "Would you stand up for this kind of beauty? Cause this kind of beauty won't stand up for you. It won't lift a finger for some lazy dreamer. Here it comes the average dirty word, pardon my French But"
  • Boys - Ryan Adams
    "I'm as lonely as boys I'm as lonely as boys I'm as lonely as monkeys taught to destroy Anything they learn to enjoy So pardon me, angel So pardon me, angel Pardon me, my love, for you is a stranger That"
  • La Beaut - Le Vent Du Nord
    "Quand on m'y parle du mariage, oui cette jolie passe-temps Quand on m'y parle du mariage, oui cette jolie passe-temps Oui cette jolie passe temps je n'oserais le dire Car si ma tendre mie partait, je souffrirais"
  • Easy - Takida
    "Tell me the reason, tell me you're sorry, and tell me you're lost Head to the water, head to the fire, head to the rocks You're haunting me, it feels alive when you're on In the city, in your castle, in"
  • Quelques Sourires - MATMATAH
    "Pardon de n'avoir su rayer Les mots qu'il fallait travestir Et puis d'en avoir oubli Les jaloux qu'ils ont fait souffrir Et qu'on m'excuse auprs des juges Qui ont d en rougir Je n'couterai plus ces muses Je"
  • You Should Have Been Down In Mississppi - Phil Ochs
    "Pardon me, all you people Who enjoy your peace of mind You say everybody's equal Everybody is doing fine. You should've been down in mississippi In the summer of sixty-four If you were down in mississippi You"

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