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  • The last polka - Ben Folds Five
    "Well, she crept back in the house at half past three Shook her head to see him snoring in his sleep If you really loved me she said I wouldn't have to be so mean He's a heap of junk that pours from his"
  • Swamp-Stamp-Polka - Mechanical Poet
    "Damn me! Real coin of sterling silver I found! Nip me! It was merely lying there on the ground! Felt boots with a coat I'm going to buy Furry mittens, a suit and a tie Sackful of grits and a bottle of"
  • School house polka - Veggie Tales
    "Whether, whether, whether, whetherWhether you like it or not Weather, weather, weather, weatherWeather is cold, warm and hot.Two, two, two, two Two of my favorite toysI'm bringing to, to, to, to A place"
  • Drink Beer Polka - Leningrad Cowboys
    "Nothing works if your mouth is dry We all know that You can go on without food That's a well known fact What should we drink When we are thirsty Drink (Drink) Beer (Beer) Come (Come) Here (Here) Sing (Sing)"
  • Wiosennie - Anna Jurksztowicz
    "We mnie już Wiosennie We mnie już niesennie mam już dość szaroburych dni w szafie gdzieś Botticelli śpi niby nic na policzku ślad ręka słońca pogładziła świat niby nic trochę więcej barw kwitną serca a"
  • Wiosenny - Harcerska
    "Jam jest ziemia, co podpiera stopy. Jam jest wiatr, co rozwiewa włosy. Jam jest deszcz, co obmywa twarz. Jam jest słońce, co osusza skórę. Ref:Jam jest nic,Jam jest nic i wiele,jam jest ten, co"
  • The Merry Christmas Polka - Jim Reeves
    "This is Christmas season so there isn't any reason We can't dance the Christmas polka Hear sleigh-bells ringing' everybody's singing Dancing the Christmas polka Christmas trees and holly make everyone"
  • Gambling Polka Dot Blues - Merle Haggard
    "Thought I was a gambler I broke every shark in town Until I met a rounder who called all I put down I put the cards on the table and he drew an ace high hand He bet his watch and I called it and lost my"
  • Cumbia, Polka Y M - Tish Hinojosa
    "Todos vamas a dar Un ritmo para bailar As, as, as el cuento va Vamos a pensar en ms De este mundo y que Vivan todos en paz Toma mi corazón Lo doy sin pedire razón Y mano en mano hemano ven aqu Todo fuera"
  • Life Is A Polka - Ceili Rain
    "Allright, so we rocked and rolled, we swung a little We did a jig and maybe a reel But listen, now- it's Polka Time! My friend Johnny Cleveland says he feels his Life's a big baloney and dirt sandwich Phony"

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