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rest of my life

  • Find Rest - Pretty Willie
    "Verse 1 Life as hit me like a, ton of bricks and I don't Really know which way to turn Never knew how much I, needed you until I Had to live and learn But mama used to tell me, son when you get older"
  • Rest Assured - Dogwood
    "I'm already sorry For all of the harm that is to come I'm already thankful For the man I know that you'll become So look up and laugh We'll cross that finish line together Sleep tight tonight child and"
  • Eternal Rest - Avenged Sevenfold
    "Black enchanting eyes, cut through my heart with no regret or sign of life They tear apart my pride and cold runs through my veins I feel their stare from miles, haunting every step and they won't stop"
  • For The Rest Of Your Life - Na Leo Pilimehana
    "What are you doing For the rest of your life We could watch the stars at night Twinkling high above Cause I promise you For the rest of your life I will be there by your side I will be your love What"
  • 4 The Rest Of Your Life - Eamon
    "(chorus) I may not be your man baby But you know i'm driving you crazy Thats why you'll fuck with me For the rest of your life I know your lovin the sex Swallow it up its better than x Thats why you stuck"
  • Have a nice rest of your life - Randy Travis
    "There's not a mean bone in my bodyI never could be unkindI know we're not talkingBut there's something on my mindIt ain't rightteous indignationI don't plan to rant or raveNo need for us to fight and fussI"
  • Time For The Rest Of Your Life - Strangelove
    "Try to remember the time for the rest of your life is close by, Christ - I've remembered again that the rest of my life's wandering by, And it's killing me It is killing me It is killing me Cause inside"
  • Here's to the rest of your life - Chumbawamba
    "Why settle for what we're shownWhen there is so much moreSometimes the book of lawIs only half the storyMeans and endsDeciding where to draw the lineLoss of work in Sellafield homesOr the threat of cancers"
  • Rest On My Promises - Shanika Anderson
    "Rest on My Promises By Shanika Anderson Worrier don't you see The things you worry about should be given to me Worrying will not change anything It's like chasing the wind You will gain nothing So why"
  • First day of the rest of your life - MxPx
    "Not a lot right now makes sense to me And it won't go quietly Not a lot right now makes sense to me And it wonit sit patiently Iim gonna chase my dreams and catch up to them I'm gonna find you some"

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