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running ware"'

  • Running Man - Hanson
    "I waited up all night There's something on my mind I need to tell you why Woah, he's playing you for a fool He's fooling 'round on you And I just lost my cool Feeling so sad Too bad for the running man 'Cause"
  • Running Back - Thin Lizzy
    "I'm a fool now that it's over Can you guess my name? I make my money singing songs about you It's my claim to fame When they say it's over It's not all over, there's still the pain I'd come running I'd"
  • Running Out - Mates of State
    "You have the upper hand to open up the door Running out, running out. Running out shouldn't give youth back. I have a hardened chain connected to my arms. Running out, shouldn't pull apart. Let's trade"
  • Running back - Flo Rida
    "These days you barely even say my nameLike you don't really feel the sameI'm wondering whats to blameThese nights, I fall asleep wondering where you areIt feels like we're falling apartAnd it's totally"
  • Running Free - Iron Maiden
    "(Steve Harris and Paul Di'anno) Just sixteen, a pickup truck, out of money, out of luck. I've got nowhere to call my own, hit the gas, and here I go. I'm running free yeah, I'm running free. I'm running"
  • Running Scared - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Running Scared (Orbison, Melson) Just running scared, each place we go So afraid, that he might show Yeah, running scared, what would I do If he came back and wanted you? "
  • Silent Running - Mike And The Mechanics
    "Take the children and yourself And hide out in the cellar By now the fighting will be close at hand Don't believe the church and state And everything they tell you Believe in me, I'm with the high command Can"
  • Running Wild - Victory
    "Miss Demeanor fell on her knees Said put your law inside of me You know she tired to cop a plea Not guilty of insanity 'Cause I'm running wild I'm anything but mild That's part of my style 'Cause I'm running"
  • Running Scared - Nick Cave
    "Just running scared, each place we go So afraid, that he might show Yeah, running scared, what would I do If he came back and wanted you? Just running scared, feeling low Running scared that you love"
  • Running Out - The Georgia Satellites
    "(Tommy Rivers, Rick Richards) Been around the world but you've never left home seems so easy now you're all alone can't stop you're running out again well Times Square down to 14th Street you pass a"

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