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  • Clean Heart - Sade
    "Clean heart Clean and sharp Clean dream Bad start He loved his brother and his sister Luke and tony called him mister They made him feel much more Like a man He loved his daddy though he never told him And"
  • Give It Up - Sade
    "Tell me the secrets of your soul Give it up and let go Give it up Give it all Give it up Give it all Give it up Give it all Give it up Give it all I give you it all I couldn't give you more if I tried I"
  • War Of The Heart - Sade
    "I could aim But I could not fire Got a bullet to spare To kill my desire Who's calling the shots One of us must make the Peace To have or to have not The fire has got to cease I'm loaded Don't know"
  • You're Not The Man - Sade
    "You're not the man who gave me everything I've ever wanted You're not the man Who stepped inside my life And haunted every, every day You're not the man Who said he'd never leave Couldn't breathe And"
  • Mr. Wrong - Sade
    "He don't care Where he's been playing He doesn't hear A word she's saying She's a fancy girl So why's she staying Hanging on for mr. wrong He doesn't show her that he needs her She doesn't know his love's"
  • Fear - Sade
    "Blue is the color of the red sky Will he, will he come home tonite Blue is the color that she feels inside Matador, I can't hide my fear anymore Azul es el color del rojo cielo volvera volvera a mi esta"
  • Tar Baby - Sade
    "Granma came to see Something she could not believe How could her girl be So naive Tar baby, tar baby told The secret she conceived That big old smile of yours Could turn the wind into a song How could"
  • When Am I Going To Make A Living - Sade
    "When am I gonna make a living Ooh it's gonna take a while before I give in See the people fussing and thieving While is sharks are wheeling and dealing Got to wake up and tell yourself There's no end"
  • Cherry Pie - Sade
    "Got to find out what I meant to you You're the one who broke my heart Got to find out what I meant to you You're the one who broke my heart When I met you boy You were as sweet as cherry pie That smile"
  • Sally - Sade
    "Sally You opened out your arms To all those young men And girl you had room For every one of them You're the only girl on bowery and third Sure as hell you're the one who cared So put your hands together"

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