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  • Search Your Heart - Steve Forbert
    "Descending Chord Progession A=5th fret "rock" barre w/thumb holding bass-6th string G#m=Same type, minor form-4th fret F#m=Same form-2nd fret E=First position "open" form {E} {A} The world is/"
  • Search And Survive - Tricky
    "Tricky: Ah one two Ah ah One two Ah one two Ah ah Search search survive Say you're lucky alive You could be Aalyah The grass is usually greener Life is usually meaner I'm like Ike I die for I'd rather"
  • Song Of Search - Anderson Jon
    "Anderson Jon Olias Of Sunhillow Song Of Search + To The Runner + Hold come a day dream Ask a flower to kneel as you pray to the runner "
  • Search And Destroy - Front Line Assembly
    "Mission from hell was sent out today To search and destroy, and blow them all away Forbidding Is the planet No one will return Their lives are expendable Through the battle turn A victory must be won All"
  • Soul Search Me - Exhorder
    "stalks are generated and they engrave their names upon the fields blasts of charismatic droplets anoint me through my dying... groping, seizing, tearing, grasping at the tail of sanity a thrust of uninvited rage"
  • Search and Destroy - Blanks 77
    "Just another casualty, layin' on the line killin' one another until the end of time hear their screams, feel their pain look into their eyes they say that war's a bitch its just a pack of lies. (Chorus:) search"
  • Search And Rescue - My American Heart
    "A dozen city lights It's bitter cold tonight I'll see all you've got and you'll see mine Just watch your own life And pass it by I'm not satisfied (Just complicated ) So go and we'll jet this place"
  • Search Of Kalokagathy - Ens Cogitans
    "Sometimes you wish to be dead - It's a way to the outside. Run away in absolute dark You save your own hide. No more forces in the veins, You'll act bona fide. The open Gate in the Realm of Aeon Step inside... Solo:"
  • Search Is Over - Survivor
    "I'll never know what brought me here As if somebody led my hand It seems I hardly had to steer My course was planned And destiny it guides us all And by its hand we rise and fall But only for a moment Time"
  • Search And Destroy - Sid Vicious
    "I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb I am a world's forgotten boy The one who searches and destroys Honey gotta help me please Somebody gotta"

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