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  • No One Needs To Know - Shania Twain
    "Am I dreamin' or stupid? I think I've been hit by Cupid But no one needs to know right now I met a tall, dark and handsome man And I've been busy makin' big plans But no one needs to know right now I"
  • You Win My Love  - Shania Twain
    "I'm lookin' for a lover Who can rev his little engine up He can have a '55 Chevy Or a fancy little pick-up truck If he's got a cool Cadillac With a jacuzzi in the back I'm in, oh yeah 'Cause I'm a classy"
  • The Woman In Me (Needs The Man In You) - Shania Twain
    "I'm not always strong And sometimes I'm even wrong But I win when I choose And I can't stand to lose But I can't always be The rock that you see When the nights get too long And I just can't go on The"
  • Any Man Of Mine - Shania Twain
    "This is what a woman wants... Any man of mine better be proud of me Even when I'm ugly he still better love me And I can be late for a date that's fine But he better be on time Any man of mine'll say"
  • Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?  - Shania Twain
    "Whose bed have your boots been under? Whose bed have your boots been under? And whose heart did you steal I wonder? This time did it feel like thunder, baby? Whose bed have your boots been under? Don't"
  • Party For Two - Shania Twain
    "(feat. Billy Currington) Whoa! Huh! Huh! (Aww, Baby) I'm having me a party (I don't think I can come) Uh,uh, this ain't just any kind of party (Nah, I think I'll stay at home) Uh, oh, no It's gonna be"
  • Don't! - Shania Twain
    "Don't.. don't you wish we tried Do you feel what I feel inside You know love is stronger than pride Don't.. no don't Let your anger grow Just tell me what you need me to know Please talk to me don't close"
  • Ain't No Particular Way - Shania Twain
    "(Here it comes Mmm, the thing about love) Love has a way to find ya Sneaks up right behind ya There ain't no particular way You don't know when it's gonna Come runnin' 'round the corner There ain't no"
  • Blah! Blah! Blah! - Shania Twain
    "Yah ok Dont want to wait in line ah ahhh Its such a waste of time ah ah ahh ah Going find me on the couch ah ahhh Sleeping like a slouch ah ah ahh ah I dont like sitting down, doing nothing. I'd rather"
  • C'est La Vie - Shania Twain
    "It must be Monday! What a dumb day! Can't drag my butt outta bed Somebody stop me--I need another coffee Like a hole in my head When everyday begins this way Gets you down and can drive you mad The daily"

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