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shone bejcer

  • Have I Stayed Away Too Long? - Jim Reeves
    "Have I stayed away too long? Have I stayed away too long? If I came home tonight, would you still be my darlin'? Or, have I stayed away too long? The love light that shone so strong Pretty love light"
  • Little Girl - The Incredible String Band
    "Everybody knows good times Everybody knows tears that fall You and me had something higher than just good times Something else that I just can't find without you Without you got emptiness Without you"
  • Telling Them - Starsailor
    "We set off that day Shaking all the way Would your mother speak to us again Put away your doubt That won't help us out Just be sure to call before you ground The sun shone The wind cried So long Good"
  • Carried Away - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "You came from out of the skies Your skin and your eyes The colours of bronze The moon in your ear Twinkled and shone Soon you'll be gone Sailing out on the blue Your old man and you Drifting along Leaving"
  • Sea Of Tranquility - Barclay James Harvest
    "We steered our ship to the Sea of all Tranquility The only sound our voices, as star-struck we fly Our hopes ever high That the songs we sing and the words we bring Should never die We set our sights on"
  • In fields where we lay - C-Borgs
    "There's a Green Hill Far AwayIn a Land I Know So WellAnd the Sun It Shone So BrightIn the Fields Where Once We Did LayIn the Fields Where Once We Did LayAs We Walked That Winding RoadI Remember Oh So WellThe"
  • Thrown Idols - Airiel
    "I watched the sea kiss your feet what a trail you made running through the waves i tried to follow your path but the shells and teeth cut through my feet oh how your eyes shone in the sunlight then you"
  • Brainiac - Accidental Superhero
    "i saw the light as it shone you grabbed my soul as it moaned we were standing alone we left well enough alone but it turned around and followed us home there was nothing easy to say i need a change i"
  • While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks - Connie Smith
    "While shepherds watched their flocks by night all seated on the ground The angel of the Lord came down and glory shone around and glory shone around Fear not said he for mighty dread had seized their troubled"
  • Enter Laughing - Electrelane
    "I saw a light And it shone Yeah it shone All around your head My friend there's no time For all our plans Now you're gone There's no way back from here Sometimes I just want to change But the"

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