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solage locked in closer

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solage locked in closer
  • Jackyl Locked & Loaded
    "(J.J. Dupree, B. Johnson) Whatcha gonna do when the sun don't shine And the moon don't come up right on time Whatcha gonna do when the storm won't break And the whip don't crack And the earth won't quake Whatcha"
  • Scanner Locked Out
    "It's so serious They destroyed all of us All my comrades they have gone I'll endure the pain This hate I cannot tame Sole survivor alone in space I was changed to kill the enemy But they launched me into"
  • Lulu James Closer
    "Don’t let them get in the way from making our own mistakes If that’s what they will see, just come hold my hand and come close up, hold me Let’s go, disturbing us now Come closer and hold me, that’s no"
  • Tracie Spencer Closer
    "I think I caught your fever I felt it right away I had the urge to tell you But I still shyed away & since you never told me Then how was I to know That you felt like me To the third degree & you didn't"
  • Anathema Closer
    "your dream world is a very scary place your dream world is a very scary place your dream world is a very scary place to be trapped in your dream world is a very scary place your dream world is a very"
  • Floetry Closer
    "Floetic, Floacism, Flo'Ology It's Floetry, and Whyteleaf We're moving closer Just a little bit Little bit, Little bit, Little bit, Can I get a little bit closer? I want to get Closer Yeah, oh yeah "
  • Burn Season Closer
    "CLOSER You say i'm stuck somewhere back in between My blured memories Some say I kicked myself right in the face I'm not as I seem. I'd erase what you say Scramble words in the way But you can't take"
  • TRUSTcompany Closer
    "I'm closer to sane But i'm too afraid I'll shine on the surface So leave me alone And keep me in the shadows I'm lost But i'm closer closer... Take what you want just to feel This pain is real Can you"
  • Krzysztof Kreft Closer
    "1. You warm me up When I see you Enter through the door I have lost control of what is coming There is a dull sound in my ears I hear nothing but your breath Ref: and I see that you're closer, closer And"
  • Sanctus Real Closer
    "I'm not satisfied in this lifetime I'm following you to the other side There's nothing that can change my mind You're all I need You're the only tie that binds my heart Away from you I'm falling apart We"

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