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somthing 8i need

  • Need that - Day 26
    "(jermaine dupri)puff u said you wanna danceput you put your hands uppoor some more drink in your cupand pass what that is that your .. oncome on(brian)that girl just looking at yamakes me wanna save yalet"
  • The Need - Mushroomhead
    "Anything you need I cant be anything you need Now i walk alone i find a way All of my prayers unanswered All of my careless actions Failures catastrophy This is killing me Somewhere in here Kindly nail"
  • Need To - Korn
    "I, I am confused, fighting myself Wanting to give in, needing your help Skin cold with fear, feel it when we touch Outside I don't know you, but inside I'm fine (fucked) Can you see it in me? Skin"
  • Whatcha Need - Soul Asylum
    "Spray painted his wardrobe black to make the scene Special ordered boots and hats from a magazine Say hello to the underground, say hello for me! You make believe the end is coming, you'll believe in don't"
  • Need Fun - Fickle
    "Always all alone, have a last drink to forget the time when it was so nice to depend on our parents and to be at school not for work but just for girls friends and many exciting things we have done At"
  • In Need - Sheryl Crow
    "Every night I dream you're next to me Tenderly You say my name You stay close enough to keep me here Then disappear When we're face to face And if you carry me tonight I would be strong enough to fight And"
  • Need Someone - Kj-52
    "Hey yo, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah, ah (background singing) 'cuz I'm alone I need a friend I need someone who understands the way I feel So I can feel the way you feel (spoken)I'll tell you what, do this make"
  • Essential Need - BMC Boyz
    "I can hear you in my ear Painting pictures in my head Reminiscing on what's dead Like what could I have said I can hear you in my ear, painitng pictures in my head, reminiscing on what's dead, like"
  • Need More - Pennywise
    "Everything you say to me is a lie you've lost control All you say is just a mask for what you feel down deep inside And I don't care about getting your respect not in your eyes It's just an illusion"
  • I need - Trina
    "Gotta, Uh, got feel that shit, Uh, you gotta feel that shit Let me tell you what kinda hoes I like Let me tell you what kinda niggas i like I'ma tell you what kinda hoes I like Let me tell you"

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