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stereophonics grap

  • I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio - Stereophonics
    "Travelling through a tunnel under sea You never know if it cracks in half you're never ever gonna see me But you can have it all if you like You can have it all if you like And you can pay for it the"
  • A Minute Longer - Stereophonics
    "They're calling out Come on lets go But I'm miles away To a year before Laughs from a glass Drank to the past On the old green seat Like velvet to the hand Think I'd like to stay a minute longer Would"
  • She Takes Her Clothes Off - Stereophonics
    "She's got another fantasy, She lives in flat number twenty three, Picked first prize for carnival queen, And now she takes her clothes off, Collects the covers of her magazines, She longs to be another"
  • Plastic California - Stereophonics
    "Plastic California, Looks like Blackpool, Outta date. Some love, some hate. It's all your competition, It's not my occupation, true. But it's what you do. Some love, some hate. Some love, some hate. I"
  • I Stopped To Fill My Car Up - Stereophonics
    "I stopped to fill my car up The car felt good that day I didn't know where i was going But it felt good for a change A five and a pocket full of silver I paid the lady no change And then it started to"
  • Vegas Two Times - Stereophonics
    "So it started with the immigration information bore You gotta know Gambling floor, then to the S.T.U.D.I.O 54 You gotta go Now we're leaving, L.A.S Vegas two times Crazy horse too spent us dry Vietnam"
  • Lying In The Sun - Stereophonics
    "Wish I could lie in the sun. The same things as anyone. Wish I could lie down there, with my feet high in the air. I'd have a drink in my hand, read words from a newspaper stand. Wish I could lie in the"
  • Step On My Old Size Nines - Stereophonics
    "I'd like to know what it's all about, what's out there. Am I gonna get old and laugh, about something. Will I get me a boy or a girl, or not either. Will I get what I want from this world, im a day dreamer. Then"
  • Have A Nice Day - Stereophonics
    "Bah badada bah bah badada Bah badada bah bah badada Bah badada bah bah badada Bah badada bah bah badada San Francisco Bay, past pier thirty-nine Early PM can't remember what time Got the waiting cab,"
  • Nice To Be Out - Stereophonics
    "He asked me "so where have you been?" Let me think now let me see. I stood once where Hitler's feet had stood when he made his speech in Nuremburg in '38 he tried to build the perfect race, he said "black"

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