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supergirl don't cry

  • Don't Cry - Tamar Braxton
    "1. Why did I fall for you? And why am I still missing you? Why did I let you get close to me? You were never there for me, your kisses never meant for me I've been alone since you walked in my life And"
  • Don't cry - D-Side
    "Sometimes things can get crazyBut, there's no reason to go run and hideI haven't heard from you latelyThe days and nightjust keep on passing byWell I guess that it's overBut, I have no fear in letting"
  • Don't cry - W.A.S.P.
    "Tell me are you nasty Then I got what you need I'll show ya something dirty Cause I'm perverse you see Don't cry for mercy no, no Cause I don't wanna know No, not for nothing I'll never let ya go"
  • Don't Cry - Lucky Dube
    "Everytime I say I wanna go I can tell you gonna cry Everytime I say I wanna go I can tell you gonna cry Thinking of the lonely nights ( when I' m not there ) Thinking of the days ( when I' ve gone ) Thousands"
  • Don't cry - Jasmine Guy
    "When you say you love meDo you mean itI'm so tired i'm so quietI'm just so sick boredFeeling like i can't moveDon't cryCause you're in a bad wayPlease just be positiveAnd be strongIt's the only wayYou'll"
  • Don't Cry - Naked
    "Winter comes for a reason to purge your soul with the change of the seasons I spin out of control Where can I find you when you're not even there no where to find you Innocent eyes are blinded"
  • Don't Cry - Nixons
    "If you ever turn if you ever stop And ask the question If you only knew the right questions Take a look around You're the only one still here And the lights went out hours ago And it all started off"
  • Don't Cry - Young Noble
    "YOUNG NOBLE When I die don't say nothin' Cause yall ain't neva loved me If you say you did -- you frontin' Heard you wanted to slug me God hate ugly But only God can judge me Trust me -- all that fake"
  • Don't Cry - Mavado
    "Ehhhh burn bad mind in this time Gangster for life, mama dont cry No no no no no no no eh Mama even if dem kill me dont cry Dem can neva take dis g from me Me ah prepare fi mi enemy Wey si mi wid mi"
  • Don't Cry - Kina Grannis
    "Don't cry darling You know it hurts to see your tears Don't cry I know you think you'll never love again Darling all things take time 2 years 3 months 5 days an hour ago they fell in deep And ever since"

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