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  • Temple Of Set - Benediction
    "Temple of Set Exorcise inadequacy Depravity disrepair Alleviate unthinking plight Ontologically unfair Dualistic minds In a twisted reality Flesh and senses reunite Monodichronic consanity Existence"
  • Temple Of Time - Closterkeller
    "Walls are my silent, dirty accomplice And the ceiling is my holy and deep sky On my knees in this solitude I'm crying to be quickly purified Within the walls of this secret Gloomy temple I'm dreaming,"
  • Temple Of Fire - Power Quest
    "(WORDS - WILLIAMS, WALKER / MUSIC - WILLIAMS) Seeing is believing so believe in what you see feel the flame of desire burning deep in the fire Can this be illusion or deluded fantasy ? Can you see what"
  • Temple of love - Ten
    "You can feed my fire in your temple of loveAs the moon shines down in crescendos from aboveKeep me up all night I can never get enoughGive me all you got, baby don't stopTemple of loveTemple of loveShooting"
  • Temple of Rock - Axxis
    "Children of the seven seas - are crawling in the dark No way to run - nowhere to hide - from darkness to the light It's time for action now - in this modern zoo No way to feel angry - there's nothing you"
  • Temple of love - BWO
    "Want love oh oh oh oh We all need love oh oh oh oh We all want love oh oh oh oh Get it right in the heat of the night Bass is thumping crowd is jumping Shake your body the beats keep on pumping I'm excited"
  • Temple Of Lies - Hocico
    "Fatten those tender lambs 'till they're ready to be brought forth into the temple of lies. Taste this powder make a choice before someone hurts the children they're gonna show us the oppression that"
  • Temple of Hate - Xandria
    "Every day I am facing a new way of chasing The dreams I am losing in constant defense The world keeps on turning, the beds are still burning In foolish unconsciousness and self pretense Take it away,"
  • Beyond The Temple - Def Leppard
    "Beyond the temple There lies a tomb with a king from long ago A traveler from a distant planet Ten thousand years or so The legend tells of an agin' man Whose city he built alone Till the pirates"
  • The Temple / Erratic - Anata
    "Left by dawn Determined mind The final way out My bridges were burned One last path to justify life... To follow this crazy dream Heading for the woods To places I had been before But in my dreams They"

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